Researchers have exposed generalized ph.D. The plagiarism between Russian regional governors, who say that it is part of a broader culture of academic corruption in a country where ghost writers are routinely hired to win the rich and powerful the prestigious impulse of a doctorate.

Checking hundreds of online dissertations against another text revealed that about half of the governors who had a Ph.D. He had committed plagiarism, according to two academics of Russian birth based in Germany.

In one case, the dissertation of a governor was completely composed of text that had been copied and pasted from other sources.

In Russia, ph.ds has become a "status symbol" and a sign of "conspicuous consumption," co-author said a sociology researcher at the University of Ludwig Maximilian Munich and a Expert in academic misconduct.

the degrees were obtained so that "many businessmen and politicians write" ph.d. "On her business cards," she said, with a subset of teachers who turn a blind eye to plagiarism during the doctoral defense. A little more than half of the regional governors had ph.ds, plagiarized or not.

The study is based on the hunt of the plagiarism of the Russian site, created in 2013 by Russian academics and journalists to eradicate practice. . Scanning dispersations deposited online, has unearthed almost 10,000 substantial plagiarism, grunt parliamentarians and university rectors.

In addition to spilling light on the plagiarism scale in Russia, the study also found that governors with plagiarish pH. The .ds performed worse on average, not developing their regions as fast as their counterparts, as measured by metrics, such as housing construction and broadband Internet installation.

"The plagiarism is a prediction of corrupt behavior and incompetence." Abalkina said. "She says something about the personality [of the plagiarizer]". "

but this does not necessarily mean that the other governors really wrote their ph.ds, they can simply have avoided detection by hiring better ghost writers. In other words, although it is possible that they are not honest , they are at least competent and, therefore, better in the government.

"It seems to be plausible that high-ranking officials in Russia rarely write their doctoral theses," says the newspaper, published in ScientMetrics .

citation a prosperous market for the academic work of Ghostwritten and points out that the average governor defended his Ph.D. in his early 40 years, much later than the average.

"This suggests that most of the governors defended their dissertations while they have a full-time job, and 18 people in our sample defended their dissertations the same year that the governors were appointed," he says.

is " Absolutely impossible "having written a di Intellectually honest stress while working as governor, said Abalkina.

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