For Joanne Liu, a student at Dartmouth University of Hong Kong, the choice of Joe Biden means that she and her fellow international students can feel safer.

"I'm very familiar with what is planning Biden for international students because I do not think much has been said about this matter, but to the end it comes down to what they represent," said Liu . "Trump not only represent hostility to international students, but the hostility of a large number of immigrant families and ethnic minorities, people who are trying to have a new life or find a way to succeed or find a new chapter for themselves in the US "

is the defeat of President Donald Trump likely to usher in a new era for higher education internationally after four years in which people working in found defensive field.

"In the last four years have been one of the most difficult periods in the history of our country, during which international educators have shown unparalleled strength and resilience," Esther Brimmer D. , President and CEO of NAFSA: Association of international educators, said in a statement on the election results. "They have defended the country against travel bans, executive orders, adverse regulatory actions and xenophobic rhetoric. Now we face a terrible pandemic that further threatens our country and our lives.

"We look forward to working with the Biden-Harris as President-elect Biden administration has pledged to directly address many of these issues as he takes office."

professionals of international education are optimistic about a change in tone and politics at the top even as they warn that the serious damage that has been done to the reputation of the US as a destination for international students.

"Trump as president may have come to an end, but Trumpism not have," said William Brustein, assistant special President for Global Affairs and Family Eberly Distinguished Professor of History at the University of West Virginia. "Many people had thought that this will be a total repudiation of Trumpism; in fact it was not. There is still a strong nativist instinct in this country.

"We can look forward to a spring back about a more positive path, but let us not be too optimistic. I think the heyday of higher education with international interest student will not be re-created at least in the next decade. "

In the short term, it is expected

The landscape Politics Biden to issue executive orders on the first day of his presidency the travel ban Trump restricting travel of a number of mostly Muslim-majority countries and the restoration of the deferred action program Childhood arrivals repealing providing work authorization and protection against expulsion of undocumented immigrant students who were brought to the US as children.

remains uncertain whether the Trump administration will have time before the deadline on January 20 to finalize a proposed rule at issue would limit the duration of student visas, forcing students to reapply for visas each two or four years, depending on which country from which they come. The administration says the rule would allow closer monitoring of international students to enforce immigration laws. Higher education groups strongly oppose the rule, which they argue would impose burdensome new requirements on students and leave doubts about whether they could stay in the US long enough to complete their degree programs. More than 32,000 comments were submitted on the proposed rule before the comment period closed on October 26.

If the rule were to be completed before January 20, the Biden administration would have to initiate a new rule-making process to revoke. Other changes in eligibility rules tightened criteria for H-1B visas for skilled workers and substantially increase wages employers would have to pay them. Universities have joined with b


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