With his apparent choice, Joe Biden will head to the White House with an ambitious agenda for higher education. For example, he wants to free college for many students. But the question now is how far the president-elect will be able to get through Congress - a lot will travel in two elections in second round he addressed voters in Georgia on Jan. 5 to decide who will fill the We last two seats in the Senate.

Democrats were able to hold on to the hope of winning at the least 50-50 tie in the Senate, with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, who casts the deciding vote when the player Georgia Republican Sen. David Perdue on Thursday dropped a fraction short of getting the vote of 50 percent to win re-election altogether.

Democrats could win at the least a draw, but it would take both Democrat Jon Ossoff to defeat Purdue, and Democrat Raphael Warnock to defeat Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler on the other runoff. Mathematically, there is still a chance Democrats might have an Advantage of a seat because its candidate in North Carolina, Cal Cunningham, make up a deficit of 95,000 votes over incumbent Republican Senator Thom Tillis, who has declared victory.

Should the Republicans win even one of the races of Georgia, who would be able to take Advantage if they do not slam the brakes on ambitious democratic president - and expensive -. proposals

In addition to blocking Biden over $ 1 trillion plan to eliminate tuition at community colleges and historically universities black and universities and public institutions for those making $ 125,000 or less, Republicans probably also they resist proposals to cancel debt $ 10,000 students all borrowers during the pandemic. So for those earning $ 125,000 or less, he forgives the debt accumulated to pay tuition, but not loans for living expenses.

"Winning the presidency is critical, but insufficient for the enactment of many of the bold initiatives that the campaign Biden has proposed in education, health and fiscal policy," said Terry Hartle, the American Council vice president of government relations education. "Once in office, presidents can do a lot to advance their agendas, but actually make major changes in public policy requires Senate approval."

"There is no doubt that there will be more of a challenge in enacting its" with Republicans who control the Senate, said David Baime, vice president of government relations and policy analysis for the American Association of Community Schools.

But the failure of the Democrats to win a clear majority in the Senate, despite having spent hundreds of millions of dollars, and it may have started moderating some of the plans highest profile Biden, including the widespread debt cancellation, said Frederick Hess, director of education policy of the conservative American Enterprise Institute.

As much as Republicans have failed to agree on a plan would replace the Affordable Care Act if the law of health care is increasingly repealed, Sen. Chuck Schumer, who would become in majority leader of the Senate, he would have to dispute a diverse group of Democrats and not be able to pass anything without the support of moderates and conservatives.

He probably would not have the votes to change the rules of the Senate and eliminate the ability of Republicans to obstruct. That would mean that any bill should have the support of several Republican senators to end a filibuster. Democrats could also pass some steps through a budgetary procedure called reconciliation that only require majority support. However, to have enough votes to pass, with the help of Harris, any proposal would need the support of all democrats, including moderates like Sen. Joe Manchin West Virginia, who has been willing to break ranks of the party.

"Most of the great things is out of play," Hess said. "Free University is offside. student loan cancellation is out of play. "

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