Brooke McArdle, a senior at Marquette University, faces a disciplinary hearing Thursday. Two weeks ago, McArdle helped lead a sit-in where dozens of students protested consideration of the administration of large cuts to faculty. But of those students, McArdle was the only disciplined being, and she now faces the conduct of the student sanctions for refusing to hand over his university card and not get approval for the demonstration, which is required by university policy.

Other sitting in the same building, Zilber Hall - which houses the office of the president - have not led to sanctions for students to his knowledge, McArdle said. McArdle faculty supporters have also said they have not been able to find cases in which the university has applied its political demonstration against other students.

McArdle said he believes he is being targeted by the administration because public records package Research compiled with information on the financial situation of the university was given.

"They know they need the consent of the student and are trying to scare us into submission," he said. "They are so threatened by the voice grade they are doing everything possible to smother it."

The teachers who participated in the camp have said it was a civil case without interruptions.

"is difficult to reach any other conclusion, based on what I know now, they are trying to make an example of Brooke," said Peter Staudenmaier, a professor of history. "It is seen as an attempt to intimidate her and try to silence dissent."

"Marquette is punish a student who wants to participate in the process at the university she attends," said Sarah Kizuk, a graduate student in philosophy and member of the Union of Workers academics from Marquette unrecognized. "She is in the sights and isolated from other students, graduate students and teachers who participated in the camp."

Citing privacy concerns, the university declined to comment on individual student behavior and discipline.

Change Marquette

item in the true heart of the matter McArdle and some faculty members is the insistence of the administration both reducing and reinvent the institution.

administration officials have said that while COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the financial challenges, most of the deficit of $ 45 million is scheduled for the year 2022 can be traced to demographic changes and lowest birth rates in the traditional cohort. This year, the university is 424 students below where it should be for your budget, meaning that only has about 1,650 students in their freshman class. The university is predicting that enrollment in the next year will be another 250 students. Total enrollment is now about 11,550. Total operating expenses in fiscal year 2019 was $ 442.39 million.

"This is not an event a year or two-year event where you can pick up a resource reservation at a point in time to save a short -term gap. We are looking for permanent actions, strategic, long-term, "Chief Operating Officer Joel Pogodzinski is quoted in Academic Senate approved minutes of meetings from September.

"Actions temporary mitigation of the university, including suspension of merit, 403 (b) suspension, the payment address decreases and reductions in discretionary spending are simply not sustainable," said a spokesman college through email. "For real situation of the challenges of the future and position of Marquette for a solid future, the university must identify carefully and strategically more permanent, such as staff reductions among staff and faculty solutions."

How deep those cuts will go and who will aim still being decided, but officials have said they may be in the stage of 225-300 teachers and staff layoffs. In April, the university said it had just under 3,000 employees. Faculty said '

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