seen only as a political announcement in social networks this election year, it would be largely transparent.

A photo with frame firmly shows President Donald Trump, his eyes closed, with his hands folded. Several people put their hands on their shoulders. The text on the photo cites the Bible: the first epistle of Pablo to Timothy, and Lee, "pray for our president".

But the ad is unusual due to the organization that purchases it. That organization is the Falkirk Center, a subsidiary of Liberty's nonprofit private university. And it is highly irregular for universities or nonprofit universities to buy ads that close, even close to the appearance of specific candidates for the position. In part, this is due to the part of the tax code under which the majority of private universities are registered as non-profit organizations that prohibit the position of political candidates for the position. It is also a matter of public relations, reputation and norms.

"Most institutions are very scared by playing too closely in the political kingdom," said Bob Brock, president of the Educational Marketing Group, a marketing agency. "The country is so divided that it can easily offend a series of target audience when taking positions."

Falkirk has made approximately 50 ads on Facebook and Instagram this year when the Giant of Social Networks scored on topics, elections or policies, according to the Facebook ad Library. Approximately $ 51,000 was spent.

Most of those ads were not about President Trump specifically and did not imagine it, although another announcement had a Republican candidate for a North Carolina Congress and a Vice President of Mike. Pence. Other announcements of the center tend to present conservative personalities or mirror themes of the right, for example, arguing that churches should be able to open during the pandemic, supporting the second amendment or arguing that the movement of black life is anti-Christian.

If any of the ads could be interpreted, since the violation of federal rules for non-profit organizations is cloudy in the best of cases. The experts showed that the ads tend to agree that Falkirk is pressing the limit in some cases without violating it clearly.

But even if the organization is not risking its nonprofit state, your advertising tactics are remarkable for your strong political approach and amplification of cultural war points.

A spokesman for freedom suggested in an email that are politicians who are reflecting Christian conservatives, and Liberty's beliefs, not the other way around. .

"The center is non-supporter and functions to educate and inform citizens about the fundamental principles and beliefs that are fundamental for the Christian and conservative worldview," said Spokesman, Scott Lamb. "The advertising function on social networking channels is to build the hearing to promote the impact of the center that produces the center. The organic growth of the Centro Falkirk has also been remarkable, but there is always a place for paid advertising."

Founded by Falwell and Kirk

Liberty announced the creation of the creation of the Falkirk Center for faith and freedom at the end of last year.

Press materials About the center described it as a national tank of thought with the mission of equipping "brave champions to proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ, to advance in his kingdom, and renew the American ideals." The president of the University of Liberty at that time, Jerry Falwell Jr., and the founder of Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk, listed as its founders.

Liberty presented the center to the students at the beginning of the spring semester 2020 in a call, the sets of three weekly campers that have combined the prayer, the appearance of the speakers, the discourses of Falwell and the entertainment .

"The Falkirk Center is a public service to reeducate not only young people (who) have not been taught to Ameri

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