U.S. Department of Education Releases Family Guide to Digital learning for parents and October 23, 2020 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576, press@ed.gov
  • WASHINGTON - the Department of Education US today unveiled a new father and digital Family learning Guide, a resource for help parents and guardians to understand how digital tools can provide learning opportunities adapted to engage students with the materials of the course, encourage creative expression, and enrich the educational experience.

    "As technology continues to iterate and benefit every part of our lives, all students should have more opportunities to exploit the potential of technology in education," said Education Secretary US Betsy DeVos States. "We hope that families can use the information release today since many of them are relying on technology more than ever before and navigate in learning from home."

    digital learning can help families and educators to meet the specific needs of single students understand the progress of the child, and connect families and students with resources in their school community and beyond. As an increasing number of school systems implement learning both inside and outside the traditional digital classroom, this demystifies digital learning guide for parents and empowers them to a defense suitable for high-quality digital learning.

    The father and tutorial digital family includes guidelines and best practices for caregivers on topics that include:

    1. How flexibilities and leverage technology Innovations and digital tools offer, such as accessibility options to meet the unique needs of each student -. Including students with disabilities and students of the English language

    2 simple steps that parents can take to protect their children's behavior online safely online and parenting, such as access to security features on the device of a child, to track registration information, and safety of children, while video conferencing. The guide also discusses the importance of public resources and provides digital parents to help your child navigate in online bullying or encounters with disturbing content.

    3. How a learning approach based on competencies, which measures student knowledge of a subject more than last time on the subject, you can leverage technology for the benefit of students. digital resources such as online assessments, periodic check-ins, and much more can update parents about the learning progress of their children, and they can provide the flexibility of instruction in the event of a disruption of school.

    4. Easy to understand primers in major federal laws governing privacy and safety of the student, such as FERPA, COPPA and IDEA.

    The tutorial Digital Family Parent was informed by the comments and contributions from experts digital learning on behalf of the researchers, parents, educators and school leaders, as well as the digital promise Heroes and learning. This publication is the first in a series that will ultimately provide digital learning knowledge and resources for educators and school leaders, as well as parents and students.

    The guide can be viewed here.

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