The public health experts have predicted that the COVID-19 pandemic, however bad it may have at this time, will worsen.

As the cold weather arrives in much of the country, people may be less likely to drive your social life or hobbies to the outdoors, where the virus has a harder time spreading, and can to find inside. Although the evidence is not conclusive, there is some research to support the virus spreads easier in cold weather and not hot. And winter also means the flu season, which experts predict may put pressure on the public health system more. At this time, it seems that the season can invade usher in a period of declining quality of life and further spread of the disease.

None of this is likely to bypass colleges and universities in the United States.

"COVID-19 propagates in confined spaces where ventilation is limited and social distancing is a challenge to maintain. In the cool weather and the indications are that there is already an increase in COVID-19 cases, colleges and universities who plan to classes in person will have challenges maintaining a controlled environment, "said David Vlahov, an epidemiologist and professor at Yale University School nurses through email. "Some schools decide to go completely online during the semester winter and early spring, and others to work hard to maintain a delicate balance of providing a college experience while keeping students and faculty safe."

Bryan Alexander, more futuristic education and outstanding scholar at Georgetown University, said he believes similarly cold weather of the winter and high disease burden can provide a boost for some institutions that will distance.

Instruction that celebrates the outdoors, he said, is likely to move within parts of the country to cool.

"areas with temperate climates can basically keep doing outside of class, as long as you can, and that might be all year. While in the North, they have to stop now, "he said. "Everyone has to push students inside, and there really is a good way to do this without risking further infection."

Some universities have tried to encourage students to keep abroad, both for study and work, but also socialization and recreation, the least while the weather is nice. While university administrations have bemoaned both parties and repressed students inside, experts in public health and epidemiology have such offering or promoting alternative activities is a more effective and compassionate response.

The University of Notre Dame, for example, start up fires, tents and wooden chairs on a lawn previously unused to try to get students to do their socializing in the great outdoors. Villanova University similarly set up large tents outside the buildings of the campus to encourage students to study in the outdoors. But these efforts will fare when the air turns cold remains to be seen. Notre Dame has said that programming and services are here to stay and both universities will heat their tents. But if students will be displayed when the days are cold and arrives the night before is still unclear.

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Some universities have taken a special interest in flu shots this year, either by providing them for free, providing additional clinical or obliges all students receive before coming to school. Cornell University, Duke University, Haverford College, Indiana University, Johns Hopkins University and Purdue University are among those who have ordered the vaccine for people who come to school. (Most have said they will make exceptions for people who feel they can not be vaccinated for medical or religious reasons.)

Nancy Kass, a professor of bioethics and public health at Johns Hopkins he said that's the right approach.

"flu symptoms and COVID symptoms are quite similar, and there will be a lot of chaos, panic and tension in the health care system if every time someone gets a fever they call i

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