Secretary announced DeVos student-centered awarding grants to expand personalized learning through Access Course, focusing on education funding September 18, 2020 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401- 1576,
  • WASHINGTON - Today, secretary of Education Betsy DeVos of the United States announced new funding for two grant programs the focus on meeting the needs of learners and improving student outcomes.

    Broadening access to well-rounded courses Demonstration Grants Program supports school districts efforts to develop opportunities for distance learning, expand their course offerings and ensure that students have access to a wide range of technologies advanced, career or technical, and other courses. Comprehensive education through focused Student Demonstration Funding Grant Program allows funding to follow individual students, so that school districts can allocate resources in a way that provides a personalized approach to education that takes into account individual needs in order to improve academic performance.

    "For more than 30 years, I have advocated not only for funding follow the students but also for students to access education options individualized tailored to meet their unique needs," said Secretary DeVos. "These two scholarship programs allow school districts the opportunity to do just that. Student-centered education to suit talents, skills, abilities and interests, is the future. I hope to see positive outcomes for students."

    Expanding access to courses well rounded Demonstration Grants Program provides $ 9.6 million this year to educational agencies six state to develop or expand and implement models to provide educational opportunities balanced by greater access course for all students, including rural areas and disadvantaged or those with disabilities. potential options that could be added to courses participating States include those related to the arts, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, computer science, career and technical education and advanced courses.

    The comprehensive training through demonstration funding student-centered Grants Program provides more than $ 1 million this year to two educational agencies local (LEA) to demonstrate model programs to provide opportunities for comprehensive training through the development and implementation of funding schemes student-centered. The aim of the program is to assist LEAs develop models to expand and improve the provision of such opportunities for educationally disadvantaged students.

    The two scholarship programs are funded through a required 2% of withdrawal of technical assistance and capacity building in Title IV, Part A of the Law on Primary and Secondary Education, 1965. ProgramAwardee grant funding Amount access NameYear a well-rounded Expansion demonstration Courses Grants Department of Education $ 3,000,000 ProgramIndiana expanding access to well-rounded courses demonstration Grants ProgramMassachusetts Department of primary and secondary Education $ 1,657,282 expand access to well-rounded courses demonstration Grants Department of Education $ 314,305 Large well-rounded access courses ProgramNew demonstration Grants Department of Public Education of Mexico $ 2,672,460 expand access to well-rounded courses demonstration Grants ProgramOklahoma State Department of Education $ 1,092,939 ProgramNevada expanding access to well-rounded courses mostración Grants Department of Education $ 916.768 well-rounded education ProgramOregon Through Unified District focused on Student Demonstration Funding Grants ProgramLos Angeles School (CA) $ 583,890 well-rounded education through focused Student Demonstration Funding Grants District School Municipal ProgramCleveland (OH ) $ 477,851

    for more information, visit the web pages for expanding access to well-rounded courses demonstration Grant Program and comprehensive education through student-centered demonstration Grants Program funding.

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