Social media stars Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight shared an unusually serious message with his millions of followers on Instagram last month.

Instead of modeling new clothes, to promote your YouTube content or publish sound pressure brooches themselves with family and friends, identical twins announced they had tested positive for COVID-19.

"We are aware that this will raise many questions," said the McKnights in a position of Instagram that has so far garnered more than 350,000 tastes.

The twins had recently returned to Baylor University, a private institution in Waco, Texas., Which offers a mix of in-person and online classes. McKnights but stressed that "no person was due to classes" who were infected. The institution has "taken all precautions, including ordering masks, which requires students to test negative before returning to school, and many, many more precautions," said See this message

a stand shared by Brooklyn and Bailey (@brooklynandbailey) Aug 28, 2020 at 16:48 PDT

influential people said they had been "incredibly careful" - the use of masks in public, limiting the number of people who come into contact with and following the guidelines of social distancing. It encourages others to do the same in his position. Although Brooklyn traveled to Utah in early August to film a series of videos on YouTube, where it went on 10 dates in 10 days, the twins reasoned this could not have been the cause of infection as tested negative for coronavirus his Return.

"So this begs the question ... how are we we catch? Brooklyn and I live with two other colleagues, who have also been incredibly careful. Baylor is contact tracing each positive case, and unfortunately the two companions were listed as contacts by someone who tested positive, "said McKnights in his post Instagram. "They asked both to quarantine at home and stop attending classes. A few days 3/4 of us in our house began to show symptoms and immediately went to get tested. "

After sharing your ad in social media, speculation began online Baylor he had played a role in the subsequent formation Instagram twins. The content of the post twins sometimes sponsored by the university - a growing trend in marketing ed. The McKnights did not respond to a request for comment, but a representative of the University of Baylor denied that the institution had influenced the announcement of the factors of influence in any way.

Baylor has had a marketing relationship with the twins since 2017, prior to your arrival on campus of the university as freshmen, said Jason Cook, vice president of marketing and communications and marketing director Baylor University, in an e-mail. The twins are paid to post once or twice per semester promoting university he said.

"We have been on the front and visible in our marketing relationship with the twins, with sponsored posts indicated in accordance with the guidelines of the FTC," Cook said. "Brooklyn and Bailey have helped introduce Baylor University to a whole new generation of prospective students who have never heard of before college. With Gen Z, these students have to see themselves through others, and Brooklyn and Bailey offer a glimpse of university life every week. "

Cook added that the twins applying to college through the normal admissions and financial aid processes.

twins are not "COVID-19 influencers" and have not participated in any way in safety campaign college, Cook said.

A simple reminder of @BaylorBruiser: - Baylor University (@Baylor) August 26, 2020

"our safety campaign COVID-19, Family first, has our pets, Bruiser and Calendula," he said. "Brooklyn and Bailey are not COVID-19 Baylor influencers. That said, like all the other students at Baylor, are asked to wear masks and follow other university guidelines on campus at all times. If you look at their non-sponsored content Baylor, however, have promoted prevention strategies COVID-19 on their own, regardless of Baylor. "

Since early August, Baylor has performed more than 26,600 tests with 888 people testing positive for the virus, according to a dashboard for college COVID-19 positive cases reviewed on September 8.

Baylor is running an "extensive contact tracing process," Cook said. When a student receives a positive result, are sent into self-isolation in a university space provided for students on campus, or your own private residence for students outside the school, he said. Cook added that students can not "test out" of isolation or quarantine. They must remain in isolation for 10 days after a positive test or quarantined for 14 days after contact with a positive person, he said.

While some students have been vocal complaining online about COVID how your school is enforcing -19 safety practices, students with big fans social media is unlikely to belittle the reputation of your institution said Steve application, business development manager at the Campus of sonar, a marketing company higher education. That's true even if they have no relationship with your college paid because it may discourage other brands working with them, he said.

"Brooklyn and Bailey are really in a league of its own when it comes to the influence of the university. They have 6.9 million subscribers YouTube. Most college influential people may have a couple of hundreds of thousands, "said Application. Twins, equal to many influential people have built a brand that focuses on positivity - promote happiness and healthy habits. Complaining not match the brand have been built, according to the application.

"It is students who are not influential are probably the biggest risk to universities at this time," said Application. "This is probably the hardest year whenever an administrator of social media, certainly for higher education. Are on the lines of the front - facing questions nonstop accusations, criticisms, "said

Videos of students who share food from the terrible coffee or excursion irresponsible fellow platforms like TikTok and Reddit create a real challenge. for administrators of social networks. But students are organically sharing good messages, too, said Application. He referred to a recent video of a student returning to University of Notre Dame, where he documented the contents of a welcome pack with a thermometer, disinfectant and masks.

"Institutions are sometimes waiting influential something negative really put, but if an institution is doing the right thing, if the messaging around in person plans campus course, that can help in terms of disseminating positive message "App said.

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