Secretary DeVos issues new regulations for distance education to stimulate high quality Distance and Competition based programs, better serve diverse population of students in higher education August 24, 2020 Contact: Office press, (202) 401-1576,
  • WASHINGTON - education secretary Betsy DeVos today issued final rules governing distance education in higher education and to promote educational Innovation to better serve the needs of an increasingly diverse student population. While work on the regulation of Distance Education and Innovation began more than a year, the national emergency COVID-19 emphasizes the need for students to have access to high quality learning options remotely.

    "Although it passed quickly at the start of the pandemic to provide temporary flexibilities distance learning for students, these new regulations provide a permanent upgrade to online education and based on competition, "said secretary of DeVos. "The pandemic COVID-19 has shown that a video call is not enough, and our outdated rules do not match the realities of the 21st century These regulations are a real 'rethinking' of what is possible for students so they can learn in the ways and places that work best for them. "

    Created by a diverse group of experts at the Department of 2.019 negotiated regulations, rules of distance education and Innovation of the Department were forged by consensus regulations historical, improve the quality of education, and reduce barriers to Innovation, while maintaining safeguards to limit risks to students and taxpayers. These regulations are based on the call DeVos Secretary 'for institutions, educators and policymakers to' rethink higher education 'and find new ways to expand educational opportunities, demonstrate the value of a credential learning and lifelong post -secondary, and reduce costs for students and schools.

    The final regulations :.

  • Emphasize demonstrated learning the seat time
  • Remove confusion over whether a course is eligible for assistance under Title IV by defining "regular and substantial" interaction among students and teachers.
  • To clarify and simplify the requirements for direct assessment programs, including how to determine equivalent credits.
  • Add a definition of 'juvenile justice center' to ensure that students remain imprisoned Pell eligible.
  • Allow students enrolled in Title IV of the Higher Education Act (HEA) -eligible foreign institutions to complete up to 25% of its programs in an eligible institution in the United States. This provision is particularly important for students who are temporarily unable to attend courses abroad due to COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Encourage participation of employers in the development of educational programs.
  • Create a new, student-centered system to disburse Title IV, HEA assistance to students in subscription-based programs.
  • require immediate action by the Department of applications to participate or continue to participate as an eligible institution in the HEA, Title IV program. In the past, these applications have been stalled for months or even years.
  • Allow time clock programs, which often lead to state-licensed occupations that use innovative learning models.

    The Distance Education and the rule of Innovation was the result of an effort regulatory month negotiated that began with public hearings and hired a subcommittee of experts in the field to make recommendations that ultimately They were considered by a panel of representatives of educational communities and the highest protection to consumers. Negotiators reached a consensus on the tongue, which strikes a balance between promoting Innovation and protection of students and taxpayers from waste, fraud and abuse.

    The official regulations take effect on July 1, 2021, but the institutions have the ability to voluntarily use the new flexibilities in terms of the regulation was officially published in the Federal Register.

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