The fall term has been in the minds of nearly everyone in higher education for months. As some schools across the country begin moving-ins and online classes this week, the rubber will finally fulfill the road making plans and preparations. Some universities and colleges, versus days or weeks until the doors open, are reversing the decision to invite students to school. Others are pushing full steam, sometimes with consequences.

Despite COVID-19 new cases have declined in the United States nearly 19 percent in the past two weeks, new cases are still averaging more than 50,000 per day. Nearly 1,000 people died of the coronavirus Saturday only. Nationally, 161,900 people have died, according to The New York Times.

At this point many colleges and universities have invested their plans to bring some or all college students back to school. Recent days added at least three to that total :. Howard University, Mount Holyoke College and Princeton University

The schools had been preceded by a number of his fellow geographical location or market, and some state quarantine requirements -imposed cited as one reason to maintain residences closed

in the case of Howard University, three other private universities in the District of Columbia -. plans previously reversed - Georgetown, George Washington and American universities to bring students from the university campus. Howard also continues to partner HBCU Spelman College, Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University on your ad.

"Nationally, we continue to see COVID-19 cases rise, with the rate increasing infection among young people. We also have grown painfully aware of the impact disparate of COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations and deaths among people of color, with particular devastation in the Black community, "wrote President Wayne Frederick on your ad. Frederick also said that if the school reopened, 40 percent of Howard students would have to be quarantined for two weeks on arrival to be in line with the District of Columbia regulations.

The announcement of Mount Holyoke was preceded by Smith College and University of Massachusetts -. Amherst, three of which they are part of a consortium of five universities in Massachusetts

announcement of Princeton makes it the strictest of the universities of the Ivy League, many of whom are planning bring students back to live on campus. university president, Christopher Eisgruber said in his announcement that while restrictions on travel and trade of the State of New Jersey were necessary and justified, which have prevented the university from moving forward with its plan reopening. Along with other restrictions on meetings, the state has required anyone traveling other 34 states to quarantine for two weeks upon arrival. University of New Jersey, a public institution in the state, cited similar reasons for its decision to keep online instruction.

Along with these schools to play it safe, Mid-American Conference announced Saturday it would postpone its entire fall season this year, affecting 2,500 athletes in various sports autumn. The decision makes MAC so far the only league football bowl subdivision (ie at the top level of NCAA football) in doing games this season. Football, cross-country, field hockey and women's volleyball will also be affected. A press conference left open the possibility that athletes in fall sports have the opportunity to compete in the spring of 2021. University of Connecticut was the only institution to cancel their fall FBS football season 2020 .

Division II and Division III football championships fall have already been canceled.

However, in some places, the parade marches on.

Iowa State University college students in dormitories moved last week from August 3. The process will last for two weeks. With more than 3,000 internal students who have now suffered diagnostic tests COVID, the university announced that 2.2 percent, or 66 students, tested positive.

About 120 students moved in downtown Phoenix campus of Arizona State University this weekend. The process will not extend for six days.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, along with several universities in the University System of Georgia, are about to start classes in person on Monday.

for universities in California are hoping to reopen in person, the state has set out its own guidance on what measures should be in place to do so. Give priority to housing for one room, changing eating rooms Grab-and-Go disposable, limiting the increase of social events and cleaning are some of the recommended procedures, although the guide says the reopening will also depend on local conditions. interscholastic athletics can only start (no fans) if the university can provide diagnostic tests and results in a period of 72 hours before competition in high-risk sports contact.

The University of Louisville football bid farewell to three of the men players on his team for organizing a party, the athletic department of the university announced Thursday. The three students each had violations of the previous team. At the least 29 athletes in four sports in Louisville they have tested positive for COVID-19, contact with other suspects and quarantined. Voluntary activities and spring training four sports have been temporarily closed.

In other news, fans of the football team of Penn State University are not happy about how the university has handled reimbursements for its fall, PennLive reports. The university announced that he would play football this next term, but no fans there.

The season ticket holders may have their payments tickets or converted into a charitable donation to the Fund Cordero Levi (which provides scholarships and medical treatment to athletes Penn State), turned in 2021, or refund. But security contributions, are paid extra fans the opportunity to buy a season ticket will not be returned or turned, which can only be converted into a donation Levi Lamb Fund. security contributions range from $ 100 to $ 2,000 per seat. University of Michigan announced earlier that both security contributions and payments of tickets for the football season might be repaid or rolled over.

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