DeVos Secretary approves Four additional Perkins Career and State Plans Technical Education detail Plans how states use federal investment to provide students with Multiple ways to get results June 26, 2020 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576,
  • WASHINGTON - secretary of Betsy DeVos education announced today the Department of education has approved four plans for technical education (CTE) and additional. Arkansas, Mississippi, Nevada and Tennessee are the latest states to have their plans approved CTE under the new building, both parties of the Act century (Perkins V) 21, which was signed by President Donald J. Trump Vocational and Technical Education 31 July 2018.

    "Thanks to the leadership of the president, the new law on technical and vocational education and giving local leaders flexibility to make investments in the areas of greatest impact of local needs "said secretary of DeVos. "We know that many high-paying jobs in demand require CTE training, but not necessarily a college degree and the associated debt. Pandemic coronavirus has certainly highlighted the need for all education can be tailored to meet more agile and relevant to the realities of the 21st century unique needs of each student's high quality programs CTE are critically students help all ages and get back economy up and running at full speed. "

    Perkins V urges States and territories to expand opportunities for all students access to education opportunities that put them on the path to success. Each state created a plan to keep its promise to offer a choice of CTE robust for students after consultation with its key constituents representing education and labor, business and industry, and parents and community partners .

    To date, 35 Perkins plans have been approved by the Secretary.

    The following are some of the noteworthy elements of each of the approved plans. Additional details about each plan approved can be found on the website of the Department.


  • promotes a skilled workforce through its "Being Pro Be Proud" initiative, practical experience with expert professionals who demonstrate jobs statewide.
  • CTE presents a program of unmanned aerial systems for students to earn credentials commercial pilot unmanned recognized by the industry as well as credentials for the construction, repair and aircraft flying.
  • Provides scholarships for students in high school for a course of supported concurrent enrollment or certificate program at the top level.


  • Instrumental certification online learning to help teachers and administrators in meeting the requirements for teaching online, such as instructional design, management in the classroom, and legal issues in the digital environment.
  • Provides an administrator Academy CTE couples CTE newly hired managers with mentors and covers topics such as managing instruction, assessment and student organizations.
  • Ensure coordination between Perkins V eligible recipients in developing CTE programs through its Enforcement Education Council.


  • Objectives technical assistance efforts to increase access and opportunities for high-quality CTE programs between schools and local institutions.
  • Provides additional funding supports rural school districts by leveraging reserve funds Perkins.
  • Promotes Innovation in CTE programs aligned with highly skilled, high-wage industrial sectors, or on demand through a competitive grant process.


  • Help in developing teaching practices of teachers stronger through its Master Teacher CTE initiative.
  • addresses the CTE teacher shortage by implementing alternative strategies to traditional college Educator Preparation Program.
  • expands transition opportunities statewide to include dual enrollment, credit evaluation, and articulation of students in CTE programs.
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