Central College in Iowa

  • CD Adamson, theater
  • Sara Shuger Fox, the science of exercise

    Kalamazoo College

  • Justin Berry, political science
  • Beau Bothwell, music
  • Shanna Salinas, English

    Stetson University

  • Rachel Core, sociology < / li>
  • Joshua Eckroth, computer
  • Asal Johnson, public health
  • Danielle Lindner, psychology
  • John Lychner, music education
  • Anne E. Mullins, law
  • Ben Tanner, environmental science
  • Jessica West, finance
  • Petros Xanthopoulos, decision sciences and information
  • Daniil Zavlunov, music history

    West Texas a & M University

  • Bill Ambrose, math
  • Daniel Bloom , philosophy
  • Bet García, education
  • Crystal Hughes, education
  • Brian Ingrassia, history
  • Ryan Mattso n, economy
  • Kelly McCauley, management
  • Ashley Pinkham, psychology
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    Image of  Cutting the In-Person Semester Short
    Cutting the In-Person Semester Short

    The United States is entering its worst period of COVID-19 infections to date. On Friday, the nation set a new record for daily infections, reporting

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