DeVos Secretary launches a new student-centered Grant Competition for short-term boost educational opportunities, entrepreneurship and economic growth as America reopens June 19, 2020 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576, .gov press @ ed
  • WASHINGTON - Education secretary Betsy DeVos it has announced a new program of discretionary grants higher education designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop new skills, provide innovators and inventors the resources to expand existing businesses or building new ones, and encourage higher education institutions to foster business development and Innovation as America begins to recover from disruptions related education and our economy with COVID-19.

    The Task Force Reimagine Program preparation grant will be funded through the Stabilization Fund for Education (FSE), authorized by the Aid Coronavirus, Relief and economic security (CARES) Act, signed by President Donald J. Trump.

    "colleges and universities in the United States are a national treasure, but it's time to reinvent themselves and be more responsive to the needs of their students and local communities," said Secretary of DeVos . "That includes providing low cost options that leverage the expertise of local leaders and better business accepting technological change. Through the work force Reimagine donations for preparation, we are empowering them, along with community partners, educators, business leaders and entrepreneurs, to do just that. Our goal is to help workers and employers to return to stand back and get the economy running as soon as possible. "

    Care Act provided $ 307.5 million for discretionary grants that the Secretary has chosento gap between two competitions: 127.5 million dollars for the Reimagine Workforce Preparation grant and $ 180 million for education models Rethink K-12 grant

    the Reimagine Workforce preparation grant competition is open to all states as well as Puerto Rico and. the District of Columbia. To apply States must demonstrate a burden created by the pandemic coronavirus and propose a project that will support people who live and work in their communities, especially along one of two tracks:

  • expanding educational opportunities through short-term career paths and education and training sector-based
  • dealers are invited to propose the development or expansion of education programs short term programs including career paths, to help prepare unemployed or underemployed for high demand jobs in their community or region; and / or
  • The dealers are invited to propose the development or expansion of education and training based on industry sector leading to a credential that employers recognize in a given sector and reward; or
  • Support for local entrepreneurship through small business incubators
  • The dealers are invited to submit applications that help colleges and universities do their faculty, staff and services are more accessible to small businesses in their communities, and to ensure that institutions can maintain operations at a time when enrollments are declining and buildings of the campus may be underused, even by creating small business incubators found on the campus of, or affiliated with, one or more colleges and universities in the state.

    A panel of independent reviewers evaluate each application to ensure it meets the needs of the state and the full range of education and labor stakeholders involved. board workforce each state may submit a proposal, and will be financed by the proposed higher score. States that were most affected by COVID-19 interruptions and projects that seek to address the needs of minority-serving institutions and communities in distress have priority among the strongest contenders.

    The States concerned should submit their completed application before the August 24, 2020, and the Department intends to make payments no later than October 2020. Additional information about scholarships can be found here.

    The Department continues to update with information on COVID-19 for students, parents, educators and local leaders.

    For more information about COVID-19, please visit the following websites :., and

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