Secretary DeVos approves 10 Perkins Career Plans and Technical Education detail Plans how Additional states and DC will use federal investment to provide students with Multiple pathways to success June 12, 2020 Contact: Press Office , (202) 401-1576,
  • WASHINGTON - secretary Betsy DeVos education announced today the Department of education has approved 10 plans for technical education (CTE) and Additional. Arizona, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas and Wisconsin are the last states along with the District of Columbia, to have their plans approved CTE under the new building, both parties of Law Vocational and Technical Education 21st century (Perkins V), which was signed by President Donald J. Trump on July 31, 2018.

    "Thanks to the leadership of the president, the new career and technical education law gives local leaders flexibility to make investments in the areas of greatest impact of local needs, "said secretary of DeVos. "We know that many high-paying jobs in demand require CTE training, but not necessarily a college degree and the associated debt. Pandemic coronavirus has certainly highlighted the need for all education can be tailored to meet more agile and relevant to the realities of the 21st century unique needs of each student's high quality programs CTE are critically students help all ages and get back economy up and running at full speed. "

    Perkins V urges States and territories to expand opportunities for all students access to education opportunities that put them on the path to success. Each state and territory developed a plan to keep its promise to offer a choice of CTE robust for students after consultation with its key constituents representing education and labor, business and industry, and parents and partners of the community.

    To date, 25 Perkins plans have been approved by the Secretary.

    The following are some of the noteworthy elements of each of the approved plans. Additional details about each plan approved can be found on the website of the Department.


  • provides professional development to retain CTE teachers, improve education, and industry professionals helps teachers become experts in their career field.
  • meets stakeholders to develop career literacy standards for grades K-8 defining employability and professional skills and career awareness and exploration.
  • implements a framework to ensure that each CTE program is consistently evaluated for quality and compliance.

    District of Columbia

  • Launches advanced technical centers where students from schools / local education agencies throughout the city can access high-quality CTE programs.
  • industry expands advisory boards are responsible for helping with all learning objectives based on work.
  • Instrumental validated industry standards for all CTE courses include learning experiences at work, the results of accreditation, and opportunities to participate in student organizations CTE.


  • Use a system of credentialing / micro-certified digital that allows educators to validate the skills that students demonstrate mastery and gives employers access to information attracting talent.
  • Improved occupational perspective skilled labor by increasing order and / or achieving certification for CTE students.
  • Coordinates statewide articulation agreements CTE programs which meet the standards of their state.


  • Provides dashboards and materials data to share with plates of local labor, community leaders, business partners and industry and other stakeholders to promote stronger commitment to CTE and ensure labor input in decisions affecting CTE programs.
  • Scales high quality, work-based learning through the use of a regional intermediary and the development of an aligned state throughout the process.
  • Customize contextualized learning by providing instruction and the ability to earn a recognized industry credential for student CTE.


  • is associated with business and industry alignment programs career and college preparation needs of industry meet and increases the degrees and certifications achievement in high-demand fields.
  • Provides high school graduates up to two years of skill or vocational training to be performed in an accredited institution of higher education offering a CTE certificate / diploma through a state grant program.
  • Provides financial assistance through their next steps scholarships for adult education graduates to join the community and the state technical schools.


  • Provides an online program, comprehensive career development at no cost to students, parents / guardians, adults and educators.
  • presents the career awareness of STEM in the middle grades and continues to promote career exploration and preparation for all students from high school through the development of an individual race and the Academic Plan.
  • Increase the number of students of high school graduates achieve a higher education credential industry value.


  • is associated with the National Alliance for Collaboration on equity to focus on meeting the needs of students and mitigate any disparities specific performance for special populations identified in legislation V. Perkins
  • Supports CTE teacher retention efforts through tutorials and a community of practice that supports professional learning opportunities and responds to the changing needs of the instructor.
  • CTE standards program ensures faithfully implemented through a systemic approach adherence to a framework developed by the state.


  • Addresses strategies to improve outcomes for students by increasing collaboration and equity financing and professional development specialist in the diversity of their status.
  • Establishes a link statewide learning, work-based as well as a database to identify opportunities for work-based learning within the state.
  • Dedicate discretionary funds for innovative programs to improve student outcomes.


  • implements a rigorous process for evaluating industry-based certifications to be included in the accountability system of the state.
  • The transitions between sequences locally developed courses approved for statewide and regional CTE programs that ensure students are prepared for higher wages, and highly skilled careers in demand in your state.
  • develops a process of self-coding for sophisticated data collection CTE students.


  • Launches a panel data provide an analysis of performance data to help identify gaps equity in CTE programs.
  • Recruit and retain individuals from underrepresented groups to the teaching profession through its "Project Talent Development Framework".
  • Fosters collaboration and coordination between secondary post-secondary associations / coordinators with career preparation.
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