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WASHINGTON - secretary of Education Betsy DeVos US announced a contest awarding $ 3 million in today that school Districts give you the chance to funding Programs student-centered release. The authorized by the Competition Each student succeed Act (ESSA), allow school Districts to combine eligible federal funding with state and local funds to allocate resources based on the individual needs of students.

"This is a great opportunity for local education leaders to rethink education funding in a way that puts students and their needs at the center of the process of decision making," said DeVos secretary. "This clear and quantifiable to allocate funds for education provides much-needed transparency, predictability and autonomy at the local level, and helps ensure that money follows students who need more support."

inflexible rules guide the allocation and use of federal funds make it difficult for school Districts to create financing Systems using student-centered federal, state and local funds. These Grants not only provide local Districts with the flexibility they need to better serve students but also provide the financial support they need to get the new System up and running.

school Districts receiving Grants and will apply, if approved, implement funding flexibility associated under Section 1501 of the ESSA, which should include the use of weights that allocate substantially more funds for students from low-income families, English learners, and any other group of educationally disadvantaged students identified by the school district. School Districts must also consult parents, teachers, school leaders, and other stakeholders as they develop and implement the System of financing student-centered.

For more information about these Competitions Grant pre-application Technical assistance Opportunities seminar or would like to become a reviewer, please email views row

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