Rethinking Secretary DeVos proposes professional development of teachers by empowering teachers to tailor, customize your continuous learning April 15, 2020 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576, press @ ed .gov
  • WASHINGTON - secretary of Education Betsy DeVos proposed a new funding priority today that would empower teachers to reconsider their professional development. Under the proposal, teachers would be entitled, through scholarships or vouchers, to select and professional access to courses and opportunities that are relevant to their personal needs or career goals instead of developing a one size fits all programmatic given to them by the state or. local educational agency

    "I have talked with hundreds of teachers across the country they love however, teaching share the same frustration: their professional development courses do not meet your needs, and do not they help students service, "said secretary of DeVos. "So I think we should treat teachers as valuable professionals who are and empower them to seek the professional learning opportunities that support their goals and aspirations. If we trust the teachers with our children every day, we must trust them to select the right training courses. "

    Research Program (EIR) Innovation Education and authorized by the Law on Primary and Secondary Education, as amended by every law student succeeds, was created to study how to improve academic performance for high-need students. The proposed priorities for funding RIL announced today will help the Department to explore whether the customized professional development has a positive effect on the practice of instruction, and in turn a positive effect on student performance.

    The Department seeks public comments on this Notice of proposed priorities, which is published in the Federal Register. The comment period is open on May 13, 2020.

    During FY19, were more than $ 120 million in new grants to states, school districts and non-profit organizations to help to stimulate new innovations in education.

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