Glenville State College

  • Jason Barr, music education
  • Connie Stout, education
  • Matthew Thiele, English

    Community of Hudson County College

  • Sirhan Abdullah, health sciences
  • Lauren Drew, English as a second language
  • Courtney Payne, culinary arts < p> Purdue University northwest
  • Hansung Kim, mechanical engineering
  • Michelle L. Spaulding, life sciences
  • Scott T. Bates, life sciences
  • Bir B. Kafle, math
  • George L. Stefanek, information technology computer

    Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  • Xiangnan Kong, computer < / li>
  • Kyumin Lee, computer
  • Liu Yuxiang, mechanical engineering
  • Purvi Shah, visit
  • Gillian Smith, computer
  • Zhang Zhongqiang, mathematical sciences
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    Image of  ‘College Belonging’
    ‘College Belonging’

    Schools, for generations, have encouraged new students to "find their place" in student organizations on campus. That is a bad advice, writes Lisa M.

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