The National Association of Financial Assistance Administrators compiles an annual report of the latest data on the main federal student aid programs. The new national student help profile provides an overview of how federal student aid programs are being assigned, how much the federal government spends on these programs and how much each student is receiving depending on their income level.

The federal government currently offers seven main programs for student aid under Title IV of the Higher Education Law of 1965. This includes direct aid programs such as Pell subsidy, the Federal Grant of Complementary Education Opportunities and the Federal Labor Study, as well as student loan programs. Like subsidized federal and non -subsidized federal loans, more postgraduate loans and loans for more parents. The report is based on the most recent data in the Department of Education.

In general, in the year 2020-2021, the Federal Government awarded $ 26.5 billion in Pell subsidies to 6.4 million students. The Federal Government granted $ 1.2 billion in federal subsidy of supplementary educational opportunities (FSOG) to 1.6 million students and $ 1.1 billion in federal study to 579,000 students in 2019-20.

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