Sara Goldrick-Rab resigned on Friday as founding president of the center of Hope for the University, the Community and Justice at the University of Temple, and her professor in Temple, after an investigation into her leadership of the center.

Temple put Goldrick-Rab on an administrative license paid earlier this year after she hired an external researcher to analyze employee complaints about the center. At that time, more than a dozen employees of the center of current and past hope, all of whom wanted to remain in anonymity, citing the fears of reprisals, had described a toxic climate of toxic excess under Goldrick-Rab. This included an overlapping of deliverable to financiers based on the capacity of personnel, an unusually high turnover of employees that delayed progress in subsidies and the possible combination of funds and labor between the center of hope and an organization Non -profit separately called in the students, the sources said. The Hope Center previously conducted a culture study in the workplace through Justo Justo, but that effort did not result in real changes, several employees said.

Stephen Orbanek, a temple spokesman, said during the weekend that Goldrick-Rab had "chosen to resign" and that the university "continues to fully support the work of the center of Hope for the University, the community and justice and its mission as an action research center committed to making the university more accessible and equitable for all. " Regarding the investigation, Orbanek refused to share any finding, but said that "disciplinary measures against Goldrick-Rab were not initiated or took."

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  • Purdue and Indiana University Split Venture in Iupui -Rab published a statement in Medium, saying: "This was not an easy decision. I have won possession several times and get away from a role of the titular faculty and leadership of a center that I founded is not something that I am taking lightly " She referred to her time with the students of the temple, in particular, as "changing life. My undergraduate and postgraduate students were extraordinary, insicious and inspiring. I enjoyed every second that I spent learning next to them."

    "However," he continued, "other experiences during the last six years, and particularly in the last four months, I realized that Temple is not the right home for me and my work moving forward the affordability and the security of basic needs for university students. " P>

    Goldrick-Rab said in April that she supported the external research of temper for the future of the Hope Center and her own growth as a leader. He denied any bad financial management, saying that there was an agreement of shared costs between the Hope Centro and believe in the students, but she did not share the agreement when asked, referring to the questions about it to a former employee who did not answer a Request for comments. The temple lawyer Cameron Etezady rejected within the requests of finance of the superior ED E and other documents related to the center, saying by email that Temple is not subject to the right of Pennsylvania to know the law: "'Institutions related to the State ', of which the University of the Temple is one, are subject to certain requirements and revelations of reports, but it is not an' agency 'for the purposes of the right to know the requests for specific documents. " Temple also rejected a record request based on the Federal Law of Open Registries.

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    Goldrick-Rab moved to Temple of the University of Wisconsin in Madison in 2016, after criticizing the changes in Wisconsin's tenure law and the additional controversy surrounding her Twitter activity.

    her average statement says that she will remain involved with the #Realcollege movement

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