Ashley German Soto, entering her third year in Union College in New York, has received a lot of support that has helped her to find success as a first -generation student, which includes a full -tucio scholarship, cohorts -based leadership training and be paired with a mentor. But she would like to see more teachers asking students like her what they can do as educators to help, and "do it in a way that does not send them, saying that you want to be a better teacher and that you are trying to win skills," she says . "Being vulnerable allows transparency and construction of that confidence link."

Findings of a recent student voice survey of 1,073 first -generation university students reveal feelings of isolation and sources of concern for many students whose unleavened parents, as well as how the particular support of the particular supports of the Teachers and other areas of the campus have helped or help. With Kaplan's support, they are aware of a center on the campus for first generation students, and an additional 19 percent would like to see that this type of effort is a priority.

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  • regardless of campus supports Available, Pro Festors are professionals who have the most frequent contact with students. Recognizing this, some higher ED institutions are working to equip teachers with knowledge and tools to support the first generation experience in the classroom and beyond.

    the student's voice explores higher education from the perspective of the perspective of the students, providing unique information about their attitudes and opinions. Kaplan provides funds and ideas to support within the coverage of the data of the largest student surveys of College Pulse. Inside Higher Ed maintains editorial Independence and complete discretion on its coverage.

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