The organic chemistry of John McMurry's textbook has helped millions of students worldwide to pass the infamous glove of their homonymous class, also known among pre-media students stressed as "orgo", already that the book was printed for the first time in 1984.

For the tenth edition of his sales success, McMurry has decided to separate himself from his editorial for a long time, the giant of the Cengage industry, who has published the book since the beginning. He recently sold the right to Openstax, a non -profit organization based at the University of Rice that is dedicated to developing open educational resources (REA), learning and research materials created and licensed to be free for the user.

That means for the first time, the digital version of organic chemistry and its accompanying solutions manual, usually with a price of almost $ 100, will be available for students to download for free.

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"My textbook is the best -selling organic textbook in the world and has been for some time, but it is expensive. All textbooks are expensive", McMurry said. "I liked the notion of doing my job for free for anyone."

Openstax will pay McMurry a license rate for rights, in opposition to the traditional royalty model used by editors such as Cengage, but McMurry will not do Will Will Will be accepting him. He plans to donate it directly to the foundation of cystic fibrosis, a non -profit research center that seeks a cure for potentially deadly genetic disorder, in memory of his son Peter, who died in 2019 after a battle of a decades with the illness. /P>

The acquisition of the rights to organic chemistry is a big problem for Openstax, which has focused mainly on developing its own materials, largely for introduction classes, since it was founded in 2012. also It is a potential moment for water The movement for open access The educational materials gains prominence in the academic publication space.

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"This particular book marks the culmination of a decade of work," said Richard Baraniuk, founder and director of Openstax. "The fact that Reer is becoming conventional is really taking home."

"It is a big problem to see a top author select a REA editor for future editions of a best -selling textbook," said Nicole Allen, director of open education of the resources coalition of resources Academic academics. "That is a really strong support not only of the credibility of REA as a model, but of the benefits it offers to authors, students and higher education as a whole."

McMurry said Cengage's separation was not bitter as a natural growth.

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    "We are very proud of the success of this important title and the many years of a strong association that we enjoy with John," Erin Joyner, senior vice president of Cengage academic products, wrote in a statement to Inside Ed.

    Cengage will continue to produce some of the auxiliary digital auxiliary materials that have developed for the book over the years, such as interactive study guides, and will sell them at a lower price than their usual products , an agreement that the company has made with Openstax before.

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