Emporia State University plans to close its child care center at the campus at the end of August, and parents are already stressed. The announcement was made in May, but even 15 months it feels like a short -term warning given the limited options for child care in the rural areas of Kansas. The movement has become a source of friction on campus.

"Many, like me, thought that SUU did not simply not provide child care!" Biological science professor Erika Martin said by email. "My initial reaction was indignation and disbelief, but now I would describe my most disappointed but not surprised feelings."

but the drama that develops on a child care center in Kansas is a microcosm of the struggles. In all higher education and the business world in general, while workers fight to find coverage for their children. Experts point out that, although the works are abundant, many eligible candidates freeze outside the workforce for their inability to ensure affordable child care.

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