A teacher arrives at the thoracic cavity of a body in the corpse laboratory of Fisk University, takes out a human heart and gives it to a student. The student feels the weight of the heart in his hands and gives it to examine. Then, because this laboratory exists in virtual reality, the student expands the organ until it measures 8 feet high. The whole class enters the heart, where they see and touch the walls of the ventricle. This heart seems harder than another heart that they examined previously, possibly as a result of the health decisions that the "human" had taken when he was alive.

There is a class discussion, just inside a jumbo aortic valve. When they agree collectively in the correct diagnosis, they feel that the impact of their fist bumps.

This autumn, the students from 10 universities, including Morehouse College and New Mexico State University, will attend "metarse" and "Universities", such as the one attended by Fisk's students. A metaversity is an immersive virtual reality platform where the remote faculty and the students do not put VR headphones and meet synchronically as they would in a physical campus. (In some cases, the virtual campus is a digital replica of the institution in which they are enrolled. In other cases, technology is implemented in face -to -face classes). In Metverse's "classrooms", students can learn history while "traveling" on the "armed" underground railway Court hall that was in the center of killing a nightingale. pay to attend awards ceremonies? They release alternative debt relief

The universities that will deliver programs in the metal in this fall are part of an increasing tendency of ED technology and promises to expand the scope of higher ed. The defenders of metaversity say that virtual reality increases students' participation, achievement and satisfaction. ro some academics are concerned that private companies that license can prioritize their results on academic freedom, exploit students 'data or reproduce narratives possibly biased in an immersive format that becomes the representation of students' events .


"Learning comes to life in ways never soon as possible," said Steve Grubbs, CEO of Victoryxr, a private company founded in 2016 that supplies technology. "That creates a greater retention of the information that is learned."

Morehouse College in Atlanta, where a pilot metaversity program was launched in 2021, has data to support that statement. But student achievement is just consideration among many.

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"The way in which companies such as Google and Facebook exploit people's data ... at least you should ask some questions about whether that will go without problems," said Nir Eisikovits, a philosophy professor and founding director of the center of applied ethics of the University of Massachusetts in Boston.

Many of the problems are solved if best educational practices, commercial incentives and political wills align. Other aspects of the debate, as if a university experience of virtual reality is fundamentally social or antisocial, are more philosophical. Anyway, students looking for flexible options can find metavailable an irresistible improvement on two -dimensional remote screens that sometimes induce "zoom fatigue." And VR College, which is already here, seems to be ready for tremendous growth, even when the first users seek in real time solutions to pressing concerns about possible difficulties.

The birth of metaversities

Without a doubt, many leaders in the space of metaversity have solid motivations. Grubbs

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