facing a state investigation for discriminatory hiring practices against LGBTQ+individuals, Seattle Pacific University will take the offensive, demanding the Washington Attorney General Robert Ferguson.

The demand, presented on Wednesday, accuses Ferguson of violating the free constitutional right of the university affiliated with the Methodist Church "deciding issues of faith and doctrine, hiring employees who share their religious beliefs and selecting and selecting and selecting and retain the ministers of government interference. "

at the root of demand is a policy that has long been a source of friction in Seattle Pacific: a prohibition of the hiring of openly homosexual teachers and staff members, which the president and the Board of trustees have defended vigorously despite the opposition of students, employees and alumni. Students have gone and sat down to protest politics; The Board refuses to give up for the concerns that doing so would end its 130 -year -old membership in the free Methodist Church.

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  • The demand

    Seattle Pacific filed a lawsuit in the middle of a Ferguson investigation that has asked the university to produce details about its policies regarding its policies hiring, promotion, discipline and termination of SPU employees related to their sexual orientation; Identify and describe such instances; Provide complaints from current employees, previous or potential related to problems related to their sexual orientation; and share work descriptions and hiring criteria. The investigation, according to a letter to SPU, is analyzing "if the university is fulfilling its obligations under state law."

    SPU is subscribed to the belief that "sexual experience is destined between a man and a woman," according to his statement about human sexuality. Its policy argues that "employees are expected to refrain from sexual behavior that is incompatible with the understanding of the University of Biblical Standards, including coexistence, extramarital sexual activity and same sexual activity."

    In the law . He is using the powers of his office (and even powers not granted to his office) to press and retaliate against the University of Seattle Pacific. Article_Aricle ");) ;;

    interim president Pete Menjares, who has been the subject of protests, even students who gave him rainbow flags in graduation instead of shaking his hand, defended Seattle Pacific in a statement that Announce the demand: “For more than 130 years, our university, our university has been guided by our Christian mission and purpose, and we are asking to continue that tradition. The commitment of faith of our faculty and the staff is an essential basis for our identity as a Christian University. "Declaration that" the State goes after a 130 -year -old Christian university and violates the long -standing principle of our country from the separation of the Church and the State. "

    Becket Law, A company based on Washington, D.C. focused on religious freedom, represents SPU for free, Windham told EDGE ED by email. li cla SS = "First"> Seattle Pacific Students end the demand for sitting > New Presidents or Previous: Bluefield Carey Greenfield Ivy Tech Lipscomb

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