Most of the news cover of the 2U quarterly gain call Its employee base and restructuring its leadership, an answer both to the decrease in the registration that has buffered much of higher education and its fusion last year with the EDX education platform.

but at a time of continuous tumult for the online programs management industry, in which 2U is the standard bearer, other changes in the announced company may be more noticeable. A long time ago criticized for an income exchange model in which universities pay 2u 60 percent or more of their registration fees, and accused of some of what increases the price of online postgraduate programs, the company announced which would restore its basic income exchange rate for 35 percent degree programs and reduce the participation of the income that is needed if their current partners reduce the enrollment they charge students.

Changes can consider their critics as too modest, and certainly do not reflect any abandonment for 2U, such as the best and highest profile player in the online programs management industry, of the exchange model of income that consumer defenders and democratic politicians have attacked. Some development and online support providers have moved to a model where universities pay a rate established by specific services such as marketing or instruction design, while others have created a combined model.

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That is essentially what 2u will do now, reducing the part of the income it maintains for its core package of services (including the design of the program, "organic" marketing for students through the EDX platform and student support) and the collection institutions more if they want to "stack" additional services such as paid digital marketing or clinical locations.


"Our clients want the participation of income, because our interests align," Christopher (Chip) Paucek, executive director of the official 2U, said in an interview on Thursday. “But it doesn't have to be of a single size. It has evolved and we are evolving with him. ” An open -on -line mass supplier to admit titles.

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Like most of its rivals, 2U has historically taken such a large part of registration income due to its initial investments in construction programs and the high cost of buying key and Facebook words for the market to students. His purchase of EDX last year was partly framed by what allowed him to directly market the dozens of millions of users of the platform in a way that would allow him to reduce his costs to find students. The decrease in the income exchange formula suggests that this is happening.

"This creates an incentive alignment in a true association," said Anant Agwal, former EDX CEO who was appointed platform director in the organization of the Revolting 2U organization announced Thursday.

The company announced its first partner under the new agreement: a master's degree in business analysis with the business school of the University of Wisconsin in Madison, with a price of $ 24,000, as well as a program Micromsters program called Fundamentals of business.

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