The Board of Community Colleges of the State of North Carolina held an emergency meeting on Wednesday to select an interim president of the State Community College System, one day after the current president announced plans to resign.

Thomas Stith's The resignation enters into force on Friday after only 18 months in the role.

"It has been an honor to lead the NC Community College system along with university presidents, professionals, dedicated educators and inspiring students," he said. In the press release announcing his resignation. He praised the system for "improving his offers" in the midst of the "unknown waters" of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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" I pray that the Board of NC Community College adopts a vision of our system that meets the needs of our rapid and richly different state. " aggregate.

The 22 members selected William Carver, former president of Nash Community College, as an interim president of the system. He will be the second time of him in the interim paper; He also served as an interim president in August 2020 after Stith's predecessor, Peter Hans, left to direct the North Carolina University system. Hans had spent a little more than two years in the position.

Burr W. Sullivan, president of the Board, said in the statement that the Board will soon begin the search for a permanent president of 58 Universities System, one of the largest in the nation.

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"Despite a change in leadership, the important work of the great 58 community schools will continue," said Sullivan. "The Board remains safe and committed to satisfying the needs of higher education and training of our citizens and businesses, especially during this critical time."

Stith previously headed the administration of small businesses in the United States in North Carolina. He was also head of the Cabinet of former Republican governor Pat McCrory and former member of the City Council of Durham.

There was no reason for Stith's departure, although his resignation occurred several days after the Board maintained a three -hour closed -Ension meeting partially dedicated to a half -year review of his year of his Progress towards the objectives established for him by the Board. The Board established five key objectives for Stith in March, including the improvement of hiring, retention and morals in the system office; ensure better communication between the system office and the presidents of the campus; address the decrease in registration, particularly on rural hard impact campus; And reducing the "bureaucracy", based on the comments of the presidents of the Campus, said The Assembly, a digital magazine of North Carolina. This occurred after a tense review of a year of his performance that lasted three and a half hours in a session closed in January.

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  • "I will not go into the details of the staff review, but we had a robust conversation "Stith told the assembly in a history published last month. His staff. "He said that the members of the Board" were not happy "with a frequent turnover in the system office and since then" established that expectation in front of the president as clearly as we can. "

    stith and Sullivan did not respond to requests for comments.

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