The US Department of Education. Uu. He told Eastern Gateway Community College to stop registering students in their unusual free university program online for members of the Union, saying that he has violated federal rules of financial aid When using the Pell subsidy funds of some students to essentially subsidize the registration of other students who do not qualify for federal aid.

university officials disputed the characterization of the department and warned that freezing the program weeks before the start of a new term could deprive the 25,000 students who are members of the Union and "in danger severely in danger the future the future of EGCC and its ability to operate. ” "No registration pocket cost, rates or books after federal or employer subsidies are applied." The school charges for registration, rates and books, although subsidies or scholarships ensure that students do not pay. The union program has increased The registration in Eastern Gateway to almost 47,000 students, almost all of whom are not Ohioanos, and raised questions from regulators about the association Unusual unusual action with an external supplier and its finances.

more popular < li class = "popular-tom"> ed The investigations of Title VI in the research at USC Only students with exceptional financial needs are eligible for federal pell subsidies, which provide up to $ 6,895 per year in educational assistance. In the Free University Benefits Program of Eastern Gateway, the Department of Education determined that the University charged students eligible for Pell the total amount of their subsidies but nothing more. The College reduced the bills for students not eligible to peel also to zero, registering exemptions as external scholarships, but essentially using excess pell funds to subsidize the education of these students.

The Department of Education said in July in July 18 that, when accusing students who decided to have less financial need less than their eligible pairs for Pell, Eastern Gateway violated federal financial aid guidelines.

In a letter to the officials of the Department of Education on Tuesday, the president of EGCC, Michael Geoghegan disputed the position of the department that students who are not filled whose education are being subsidized are necessarily less accommodated than his elected colleagues for Pell. Students are not eligible for Pell subsidies for many reasons, he wrote, including "lack of personal financial information, immigration state, last minute changes in plans or other factors."

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He said that the program "simply ensures that all students can attend the University for free, regardless of their ellic Pell."

Financial aid problems raised by the Department of Education are the latest developments that surround Eastern Gateway Program, which produced "explosive growth" in the university online programs. But he has drawn the scrutiny because he delivered in association with the Student Resources Center, an online program manager for profit. In addition, some have expressed concern that the University had hired very few members of the Faculty and the staff to support registrations and did not have enough quality controls to guarantee high quality education. Commission placed the University on probation in November 2021 for not offering a "high quality educational experience for students", and the Department of Education said in January that it would investigate the use of the financial aid program, which resulted in This week's letter. P>

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