When the group of public policy experts published a report earlier this year, classifying universities in an economic mobility index that measures the return of investment for low -income students and the percentage of students eligible for the eligible students for the Pell subsidy that each institution enrolls, the results were surprising.

of 1,320 classified schools and universities, the institutions that provided the greatest economic mobility for their students after graduating were institutions that serve Spanish in California, New York and Texas, according to the report. Historically, black schools and universities also worked better using the Third Way economic mobility index than in traditional classifications. But the universities that generally obtained high grades for the return of investment, or the ROI, for low -income students substantially because they register relatively few low -income students. Under the new index published earlier this year, the University of Duke and Stanford University, which previously classified in the first and second one based on how their students eligible for Pell did, fell to 722 and 548 after the Classification also took into account how many students attended these universities. Harvard held the 847th position and Princeton held the 426th position. depending on how low -income students serve. He also added new metrics to make the index a more informative tool for higher education leaders, researchers, federal political leaders "and other supervision entities with processable information about which institutions are fulfilling their promise to provide intergenerational mobility", a blog post of blog third way explained.

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The updated index now organizes institutions on five levels, grouping Colleges and universities that offer similar levels of economic mobility. The differences between individual levels and institutions can be explored using a new interactive map. The change was made to demonstrate that institutions at the same levels can provide almost equal returns, points researchers can be lost in a normal classification structure.

"... if a school is in 15th position, then it is so. It can be perceived as double good that a school that is classified as number 30, but that is not necessarily the Case, "said Michael Itzkowitz, senior member of Higher Education at Third Way and previously the director of the University Score card. "Both do a very good job."

for example, the blog post stressed that the University of Northern Texas in Dallas occupies twice as well as the International University of Florida in the index, but both are high level institutions when it comes to Ascending mobility. Around half of the students of both institutions receive Pell subsidies, the main federal federal aid program for low -income students and both institutions offer these students low coasts of bowling and high economic yields. Low -income students who graduated from northern Texas earned $ 18,000 more than the typical high school graduate in the state, while those who attended Florida International earned $ 24,684 more than the typical graduate of the high school in the condition.

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Artem Gulish, a senior strategist of policies and faculty of research at the Education Center of the University of Georgetown on Education and the Labor Force, said that the levels could help future students and parents trying to evaluate universities.

"A staggered approach provides interesting nuances," Gulish said in an email. "... a wide level classification, instead of a specific classification, can facilitate students and families

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