A group of Democrats in Congress asks the Department of Education to clarify how Title IX protects pregnant discrimination students, including if students can be sent to the police to seek an abortion.

Title IX, the law that protects students from sex -based discrimination requires that all universities that receive federal funds provide specific adaptations for students who are pregnant or are parents. This can be any excused absence for doctors' appointments to the basic protections of discrimination. These protections have been coded in Title IX since 1975, and include a language that prohibits discrimination for students who receive or are recovering from abortions.

As some states from all over the country move to promulgate strict prohibitions in abortion, catalyzed by the recent ruling of the Supreme Court that revoked federal law to abortion, many defenders of the rights of the rights of The women and experts of Title IX are concerned about how these protections will operate as the country becomes increasingly hostile towards abortion.

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The New Title IX proposal from the Biden Administration that was release in june does go, to clarify the types of accommodation that students are pregnant, of parenting or that they look for an ABO RTION can request their university, such as what what It constitutes a "pregnancy -related condition" under title IX. However, after a 60 -day public comments period, it could take a year for the regulations of the proposals to become law. Department will take measures to clarify specific protections for pregnant students under title IX, including protections against disciplinary or legal actions.

Suzanne Bonamici representative of Oregon, who directed the effort, said that she wants the department to clarify these protections "as soon as possible" in an interview with inside greater ed.

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"This decision will reduce the ability of pregnant students to access safe and legal reproductive care and place a heavier load for higher education institutions, many of which are not unfortunately prepared to handle a strong increase in Pregnant and upbringing students, "said the letter. "Create additional barriers so that students access reproductive care and, in effect, force many students to carry term pregnancies, would probably prevent students from feeling safe on campus, hinder their ability to access equitable educational opportunities and They even interfere with its completion and graduation. Plans. "

What the Democrats want

first, the Democrats asked that the department issue an updated guide so that if the students are pregnant, they can be aware of these rights and for the Universities have more clarity on how to address the cases of title IX related to pregnancy. Specifically, they are requesting an updated orientation on the rights enshrined in Title IX for students looking They often do not know that the law provides this type of protections.

although students can consult the office of title IX of their campus to receive information about which protections are available for them, the chilling effect of the recent decision of the Supreme Court could prevent students from communicating with The office to see what options are available to them.

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