• Ben Burnett, executive vice president of the William Carey University, in Mississippi, has been promoted to president there. Appointed senior vice president of academic and provost matters at the Wentworth Institute of Technology, in Massachusetts.
  • Jeffrey Robinson, prudential president in business and global management and business professor at the University of Rutgers Business, in New Jersey, has been appointed Rector and Executive Vice Chancellor on the Newark Campus of Newark in the Newark campus of University.
  • Tia Robinson-Cooper, president of against Costa College, in California, has been selected as chancellor of the South Bend-Elkhart campus of Ivy Tech Community College, Elkhart, in Indiana.
  • Michael Salmeier, vice president of Academic Affairs and Academic Director of the University of Life Pacific, in California, has been chosen as rector of the University of Bluefield, in Virginia.
  • Michell E Schutt, Vice President of Community and Learning Services at the South of Idaho College, has been appointed president of Greenfield Community College, in Massachusetts.
  • Jennifer Shewmaker, dean of the Faculty of Education and Human Services at Abilene Christian University, in Texas, has been named Provost at the University of Lipscomb, in Tennessee.
  • Nick Swayne, Executive Director of 4-Virginia, has been elected as president of North Idaho College.
  • > María L. Villagómez, a senior library dean, arts of language, social sciences and distance education in Napa Valley College, in California, has been selected as vice president of academic affairs in Santa Barbara Community College, Also in California.
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  • Stephen W. White, Dean of Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in St. Louis Community College - Florissant Valley, in Missouri, has been elected as president and academic director on the Wildwood Campus of the University.

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