“I did everything well as a university administrator, so how did I end in this Panamanian prison cell? Executive Health Vice President of the University of York. He prepared the desire to try his luck in fiction, and, after retiring from him in 2017, he became the first prayer of his debut novel, Tuscan son (Moonshine Cove Publishing, 2022).

Berne, who worked in Nyu for 41 years, including 15 as vice president, told Inside Higher Ed that the novel was inspired by his time as administrator. Although he has never been in imprison They have a lot to say about the policy and bureaucracy of the administration of higher education.

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“My goal was to tell some interesting things about university life, but I decided that I did not want to write a non -fiction memory and did not want to Writing 'the seven things I learned as a university administrator', because I never read those things, "said Berne." So I thought that turning it into a novel was the best way to do it. "

the novel follows Bill, the senior vice president of academic initiatives at the fictitious University Olmsted, Berne's proxy for Nyu, as he helps to iron the terms of a generous donation bequeathed by a rich Italian student. As the story progresses, the path of Bill Towards the jail cell in Panama, it reveals slowly while traveling through the Tuscan field and enters possession of a dangerous secret. The son t OSCANO Intercede descriptions of life in the Panamanian prison with vignettes and observations with tosta related to his work in Olmsted. On a page, the narrator is discussing the frustrating ubiquity of the Faculty Committees; The next he shakes it through cigarettes in the prison court. Berne evokes a student protest in the office of the president of the University with the same type of intrigue he uses to describe the draft law of drugs of drugs. dfp-ad-article_in_article "););

" There were intentional parallels between doing business in prison and doing business at a university, "he said." You are trying to obtain support and constituencies that favor what you want to do. " /P>

Many of the characters and circumstances in the Tuscan son will be familiar to anyone in higher education: an overwhelmed and conformed president trying to please everyone; a group of fair student activists who emit demands for fuel divestment fossils; and a university work group trying, and largely fails, reaching a commitment. Write Bill de Olmsted in the novel. "As peculiar as Olmsted now seems normal, compared to being in a Panamanian prison." class = "first"> altruism and altruism and why Americans donate abroad: academic minute

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