The business has been hurt in Francois Purdie's consignment store in Toledo, Ohio, since the beginning of the pandemic. The clients who once walked through the streets of the historic neighborhood of Olde Town and bought old furniture or vintage clothes in their small store disappeared and have not yet returned in the same numbers. Half of the stores in the block have closed.

Purdie recently decided that it was time to make a change. She is requesting a new certified program at Owens Community College designed to train her to become an Influence of the media. She hopes that the social networks that she learns help to revitalize her business. The two -semester program, scheduled to launch this fall, is the first for Ohio College and one of the first of its kind in the country.

"I don't care what anyone says, everyone is doing Instagram. Everyone is doing Snapchat," said Purdie. "You're flooded. Where do you get the attention of a person? Small businesses are not like before Covid, so I have to pivot. I have to learn to do some new things. "

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Marketing of Influence of social networks, or publish and participate in social networks on specific products or companies for payment, be it an industry of $ 15 billion in 2022, Forbes recently reported It is also a particularly attractive field between millennials and generation Z. A 2019 Morning Consult survey, a digital media research company and surveys, found that 86 percent of Americans from 18 to 38 would be open to Publish content sponsored on your social media platforms for your Plat Social Network Awards to pay.

The new certificate program aims to teach students visual techniques for stories narration, including photography, videography and graphic design, in addition to the construction of websites and advertising skills. The instructors will help students apply those skills to build a social media brand and attract followers to market products, whether their own business or services or content sponsored by companies.

"What we are teaching people to do is how to commercial And even if nothing more, at the end of the day, we have taught him how to establish contacts and taught him how .push (function () Googletag.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article"););

Hazel believes that students need these skills to distinguish them in the labor market, regardless of whether they pursue the Influence of the media as a Carrera, especially after the pandemic forced many people to work from home and develop their online work skills.>

received a dozen calls asking about the program since it was announced a few weeks ago, in addition to the consultations of l The university students who wish to complement the titles they are already winning. Much of the interest comes from older millennials and future students older than them, seeking to learn "transferable skills," she said.

Brooke Duffy, associate professor of communication at Cornell University, said courses that promise to turn people into influential people have proliferated in recent years, although rarely in schools and universities. For example, she pointed out SocialStar Creator Camp, a program of incubators for young Influencers of social networks.

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