Richard J. Joseph's new book, which closes the gap between the abundance of the talent of American higher education and the immense foreign demand of you: the great abyss in global education (Oxford University Press) is not his book Standard on International Education. Joseph bases his arguments about "the world of finance", although he believes that the approach will produce other desirable results. Joseph was previously president of Babson Global, a total property subsidiary of Babson College who works to collaborate mainly with educational institutions around the world to design curricula and improve the educational delivery capacity that extends the scope of Babson College. He has also been the rector of the Bryant University and the Hult International Business School.

Joseph answered questions about his new book by email.

q: What is the "great abyss"? And how do you intend to unite it?

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  • Why it is likely that the initiatives to fail> a: the gap between the abundance of the talent of American higher education and the immense foreign demand of IT is the great abyss in global education ... Abundance talent comes from the growth of the US Higher Education sector. UU. In the new millennium. They contribute to deceleration are flat inscriptions, adverse demographic trends, US visa restrictions. UU. And competition intensification. The immense foreign demand has been fed by the expansion of the global economy in recent decades. It has been molded by the pressing need in emerging markets to develop an educated workforce.

    u.s. Colleges and universities can close the great abyss by associating with other academic institutions and with multinational corporations, foreign governments and/or private investors to provide higher education services to members of the international community. These services go beyond courses and study abroad. They include the design and development of the program, academic advisory services, project development and management and technology transfer.

    joining the great abyss, however, it is not an easy task for most American schools and universities. It is complicated by an institutional culture that is reacted to marketing, an organizational structure that is operationally slow and a system of government that often leads to indecision, conflict and paralysis ...

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    P: You write that your arguments derive from the world of finance, not philosophy. Why?

    a: Because in higher education, the "world of finance" supports the "world of ideas." In order not to reduce the importance of the philosophical: in my book I adopted a materialistic approach to the challenges faced by US schools and universities in the changing panorama of higher education. I maintain that only through a strong economic substructure (that is, the world of finance) can the ideological superstructure (that is, the world of ideas) of American higher education flourish. In fact, a solid substructure makes possible the proliferation of educational, professional and academic opportunities for teachers, academics, researchers and students.

    In addition, I maintain that if, in this changing scenario, the economic substructure of the United States is not strengthened, its ideological superstructure, which covers teaching, learning, research, research, The erudition, the creation of knowledge and the search for truth, will lose its vitality, not because of the elite, few American schools and universities, but for the vast majority (emphasis on the "vast majority", because the elite few are elite are relatively better than institutions of 4,000 people from medium to low

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