While few would not agree that higher education leaders maintain the security of the campus's mind, campus department heads are often found without funds to do everything they would like to do to guarantee That your communities, on the campus and around the campus, be as safe as possible.

the student's voice explores higher education from the perspective of the perspective of the Perspective of the perspective of the students' perspective, which provide unique information about their attitudes and opinions. Kaplan provides funds and ideas to support within the coverage of the data of the largest student surveys of College Pulse. Inside Higher Ed maintains editorial Independence and total discretion on its coverage.

Multiple organizations, and has a sergeant whose full -time work focuses on accreditation.

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  • Security of the safety of the SUPERIOR CAMPUS AND SECURITY INVESTMENTS THAT STUDENTS WISH And what updates to do, implies obtaining a better understanding of what students express both collectively and individually.

    The student's latest voice survey asked 2,004 university students about how safe they feel in several situations and what investments they expect their universities to prioritize to do the environment and around the safest campus. Made in mid -May by Inside Ed and College, press with the support of Kaplan, the survey results and the additional comments of the respondents reveal eight common security concerns that the highest ED institutions could address through staff and the purchase.

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