As a new president takes the helm at the University of Beijing (PKU), his University of Liberal Arts is possibly in the strongest position since his establishment.

From its humble beginnings in 2001 as a small experimental program within the leading institution of China, Yuanpei College today is, according to many measures, a resounding success. It has become a university of Liberal arts totally with more than 1,200 students, attracting the cream of the applicants' harvest to their parent institution.

“Yuanpei has become the most popular PKU University. Every year we have the best students throughout the country: PKU and TSINGHUA have the best students, but we have the best of the best, "said Feiyu Sun, their associated dean. > The most popular

but as the university enters a new era of leadership under gong Qihuang, Yuanpei will be again to show its value. With the competition among the highest Chinese graduates than ever before, convincing many people, even academics, of the value of their Liberal arts teaching model remains a battle costs the presidents of Pku were from the background of science and technology, so he need We "win" our administration support. Some teachers understand that Yuanpei is important, but many do not, even today, even after 20 years, ”said Sun.

In China, where students go through years of rigorous preparation of the examination for placing them in the main universities to study professional fields closely, Yuanpei's approach still seems radical. Students there are freedom to choose their classes, without basic requirements, and can graduate between three and six years instead of the four standard. They do not even need to declare a specialization in their second year.

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By design, the University does not have its own professors, a decision that sometimes puts it in tension with the widest faculty in PKU, some of whom see Yuanpei students as charges of commitment to a discipline and compete for limited resources. with students within their own departments.

"This gave us many challenges at the beginning because students and teachers from other departments did not want Yuanpei students," said Sun.

Since then, the performance of students in their classes has helped change the dial, convincing relief teachers "that a student who does not choose any specialty in the beginning and that he could change his specialty Without any restriction, it could work even better than those students who study professional knowledge from the beginning, "said Sun.

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  • accredited the impulse of Yuanpei students, which is It derives from true interest in the issues on which they are eventually established.

    "In China many in China. Students come to university to study economics or businesses because it was their parents' decision. Students study that specialty but don't like it," he said. "If Yuanpei students choose a specialization, they choose it for their own will ... in Yuanpei, you really love that specialty."

    However, getting to this juncture is not always easy. Unlike most university students, who choose an apartment and simply follow the curriculum, Yuanpei students must select their own courses, something that most fight to do.

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