Since Covid-19 arrived in the United States, disciplinary organizations have had problems to celebrate their meetings. At the beginning of the pandemic, most organizations turned their meetings into virtual formats; During the last two years, many groups have tried to meet in person, but bad luck has harmed some of those efforts.

Consider the American Sociological Association. Will hold your annual meeting from August 5 to 9. It will be the first time that the association will meet in person since 2019. The sociologists expected 5,000 people to attend.

But the location of the meeting has raised some concerns. The ASA will meet in Los Angeles, where the cases of the last variation of the Coronavirus, the version that is super contagious, have increased. Public health experts have said that it is unlikely that people who are completely vaccinated get a lot if they become infected with the new variant of the virus. But people still do not want to get it, and some who were scheduled to attend the meeting in person are now canceling.

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" We expect a meeting Solid in Los Angeles, "said Nancy Kidd, executive director of the association. "As expected, given the circumstances, some people decide at the last minute to join us, and others are deciding not to attend."

The association had previously required that all attendees were vaccinated and wear indoor masks.

but the association announced a change of rules this week.

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"When we assemble the program, we ask that people have roles in no more than two sessions to ensure that a wide range of sociologists have an opportunity to participate," said Kidd. "Since, as I said, some people are closer to assistance decisions at the time of the meeting; we do not want the organizers of the session to fight to find a replacement if someone ends up not being able to assist. Give up the rule Of two appearances at this time it simply allows the organizers more flexibility. ” of rules.

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  • condemned to zoom? I Cancela, understandably. ASA is beyond the point of being able to make great changes. " I feel horrible for graduated/young students who feel they have to run the risk. "
  • " 2 of the 4 presenters in my session will not be there due to budgetary problems. The is too expensive. " Sigh. "
  • " Most of us simply cannot allow ourselves to go. It is too expensive and travel budgets were cut. "

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