Otterbein and Antioch universities are combining forces, but not merging, creating an affiliation that aims to build a national university system focused on postgraduate education and adult students. The headlines in recent years as universities make such movements to keep afloat. But the affiliation, announced today, between the University of Otterbein and the University of Antika offers a different approach, one more comparable to a commercial alliance.

The two universities hope to officially launch programs shared by autumn of 2023. But they are not universities under the umbrella so that the system still by name is truly national.

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The Plan

The details that arise in the effort of Otterbein and Antioch, which is independent of the best known Antioch College, are essentially a difficult sketch. Officials point out that they will need the approval of their current accreditants, who anticipate that it will have been approximately one year. While waiting, leaders intend to sharpen their business plan and develop early programs. Although they have identified areas for collaboration, specific programs have not been announced.

The approach will be in postgraduate education, the completion of titles and the development of the workforce.

Although ideas for the association are still taking shape, leaders imagine a system in which each university maintains their own unique identity, government and accreditation board, while it is part of a national system that can offer collaboration programs, shared services and other advantages. Otterbein and other universities that bind to the system that have university students will maintain their separate athletics programs.

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The president of Antioch, William Groves, said that several universities have approached the University, which has Multiple campuses in the United States and online offers, in recent years about an affiliation. And although none of those associations was viable, made the ball start up, so Antioch brought a consultant and developed a list of potential partners.

of around 60 institutions that were considered, said Groves, Otterbein got on the top.

“Our goal was to understand the change in the panorama of higher education and consolidation in the market. We wanted to be at the beginning of this cycle, not at the end, ”he said. “We wanted to choose a partner that was correct for Antioch, one who focused on a similar mission and an education based on the value on which Antioch focuses and has been since its inception. The mission was critical, financial viability was critical and complementary programs were critical. " They approve the association with stern Universities located in Ohio, the association makes sense geographically. But most importantly, Groves said it makes sense from the point of view of the mission. Calls to develop associations began to arrive during the pandemic. Market challenges, as a group of traditional undergraduate students, were also considered in Otterbein's decision to associate with Antioch to expand their offers. When I depend Mainly from 18 to 22 years. traditional university students, we understand the challenges of T


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