When the history of Covid-19 pandemic is written, a conclusion may be that the crisis marked a positive turning point in which online learning in higher education gained more respect. Without a doubt, in the first days of the pandemic, few were satisfied with remote emergency instruction, even if the teachers showed "heroic levels of creativity" in the face of a global emergency. But as the virus waves decreased and flowed over time and a variant replaced another, the members of the Faculty adapted the best practices of remote learning in their courses. Subsequently, many students discovered unexpected benefits in online learning, often leaving them asking for more. A recent Gallup-Accesslex report. In 2021, approximately three quarters (76 percent) of law students who take classes mostly or fully in person qualified their programs as "excellent" or "good", while only half (51 percent) They take at least half of their classes online online online. The perceptions of the students face to face were stable in 2022, when again approximately three quarters (78 percent) described their programs as "excellent" or "good." But their hybrid and online counterparts obtained significant profits in 2022; 73 percent of hybrid students and 72 percent of those who were mostly or completely online had those same favorable opinions of their programs.

The online law school is a relatively new phenomenon. Before the pandemic, less than 10 laws of law offered hybrid programs of J.D., according to the report. At that time, law schools accredited by the American Bar Association were only allowed to offer one third of their credits through distance education. But once Covid-19 became a pandemic, ABA offered temporary permission for the then person's law schools to offer their online programs, and most followed their example.

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in 2021, most The students had an unfavorable vision of that initial experience in the transition to online learning, according to the report.

"It was not for what they enrolled, the sudden loss of contact in person with their teachers and classmates felt acutely, and the administrators and the school faculty had to adapt to a format of Learning distance in the march ". The authors of the report wrote.

but time heals some wounds, especially when the members of the Faculty took a step forward to obtain competition in the best online teaching practices. In addition, students discovered some advantages for hybrid and online learning, including the flexibility offered by formats.

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approximately half of the students (51 percent) in the main or completely face to face programs agreed in 2021 that their teachers were using teaching methods that involved them. The smallest percentages of hybrid students (45 percent) and higher or completely online (48 percent) felt the same. In 2022, these percentages increased up to 60, 57 and 56 percent respectively, suggesting that students now receive a closer gap between online, hybrid and person learning.

Despite the profits in the delivery of online courses, students still perceive some differences. For example, even in 2022, a majority (63 percent) of the students reported that they felt "emotionally drained" after the online classes instead of a little less than half (48 percent) of the students in person who They felt the same. Perhaps for this reason, some members of the Faculty have defended the hybrid formats in which they seek to maximize the benefits of each format.

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