<> Rebecca Blank, incoming president of the Northwestern University, announced Monday that he could no longer lead the institution after being diagnosed with "an aggressive form of cancer", which said "will require all my strength and resolution to fight" . "

" This letter is one of the most painful and difficult I have had to write, "Blank wrote in a message to the Northwest community." The president's work requires Multiple events, long days, trips And constant energy, especially in the first year. I have always been able to deliver this in previous jobs, but my doctors advise me that the treatments that I am starting will make it almost impossible to do the job you need in a new president. I do not have the words for Express how disappointed and sad that I am to tell him this. ” , Illinois, where I was scheduled to work for two months before officially replacing the head of long data Morton Schapiro in September. Blank would have been the first female president of Northwestern. most popular




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