• Vanessa Beasley, Vice -Entry of Academic Affairs, Dean of Residential Faculty and Associate Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Vanderbilt, has been elected as president of the University of Trinity, in Texas.
  • Victoria N. Folse, director and president of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences of the University of Illinois Wesleyan, has been appointed president of Ripon College, in Wisconsin.
  • Jeanette Méndez, interim rector of Oklahoma State University, has been selected as Provost as Provost and senior vice president there.
  • Lynn Ortale, vice president of student life in Chestnut Hill College, in Pennsylvania, has been appointed president in Maria College, in New York.
  • David Ruth, vice president and head of Northampton County Community College, in Pennsylvania, has been elected as president there.
  • Sinda Vanderpool, Vice Provost for the management of academic registration at the University of Baylor, in Texas, has been appointed president and Vic and Chancellor at the University of St. Mary's, in Alberta.
  • Aswani K. Volley, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at the University of Elon, in North Carolina, has been chosen as Chancellor of the University of North Carolina in Wilmington.
  • Christopher Waddle, Vice President of Human Resources at the Central Community College Campus, in Nebraska, has been promoted to President there. Lake Tribal College, in Minnesota, has been appointed for work permanently.

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