• Lisa M. Fukumitsu, Academic Support and Success of Students
  • Camille A. Hernández, Nursing
  • Drew E. Kapp, Social Science
  • Glenn-dee N. Kuwaye, advice and guidance and advice
  • Tagi F. qolouvaki, English
  • Noel K. Tagab-Cruz, Humanities < /li>

    Virginia Tech
  • Colin Adams, Aerospace Engineering and Ocean
  • Alan Asbeck, Mechanical Engineering
  • Andrea Baldwin, Sociology
  • < Sar + Design

  • Michael Borowski, School of Visual Arts
  • Bradley Bowen, Education
  • Wenjun (Rebecca) Cai, Science and Materials Engineering
  • Charles Calderwood, Psychology
  • Mauro Caraccioli, Political Science
  • Jing Chen, Biological Sciences
  • Jiangtao Cheng, Mechanical Engineering
  • Lauren Childs, Mathematics
  • Ashley Dayer, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Chemistry
  • Scott England, Aerospace Engineering and Ocean
  • Christopher Franck, Statistics
  • Matthew Fullen, Education
  • Christine Gilbert, Aerospace Engineering and Ocean
  • David Hak, School of Plants and Environmental Sciences
  • Rebecca Hester, Science, Technology and Society
  • Matthew Hicks, computer science
  • < LI> Erin Hotchkiss, biological science Family Science
  • Eric Jardine, Political Science
  • Timothy Jarome, Animal and Birds of Corral
  • Xiao Ting Jia, Electrical and Informatics Engineering
  • Blake Johnson, Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Eojina Kim, Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Andrea L'Afflitto, Industrial and Engineering Systems
  • Catherine Larochelle, agricultural economy and applied
  • Zheng Li, mechanical engineering
  • Honghu Liu, mathematics
  • Jeremi London, Engineering Education
  • Luca Massa, Aerospace Engineering and ocean
  • Market vitor, science of animals and poultry Sar > Ashley Reichelmann, Sociology
  • Shima Shahab, Engineer Mechanical Ieria
  • Ian Shoemaker, Physics
  • Annie Stevens Irrera, School of Performing Arts
  • Liang Tan, Accounting and Information Systems
  • Ming Chew Teo, Modern and Classic Languages ​​and Literatures
  • Sharone Tomer, School of Architecture + Design
  • Elif Tural, School of Architecture + Design
  • Eli Vlaisavljevich, Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics
  • Rachel Weaver, Visual Arts School
  • Susan Whitehead, Biological Sciences
  • Hyesoo Yoo, School of Performing Arts
  • Hang Yu, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Bo Zhang, School of Veglas and Environmental Sciences
  • Tingting Zhao, Modern and Classical Littlers and Literatures
  • Winthrop University
  • Jared Androzzi, Physical Education
  • Duha Hamed, Math
  • Jeremy Mims, Music
  • Karen Oremus, Fine Arts

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