Colleges, professors and students of Pandemia COVID-19 forced to interact with digital education forms in a way that many of them never had. Did the teaching and learning experience remote more openly to online education and the use of technology in the physical classroom? Do teachers feel more comfortable with teaching with technology? Did students change the expectations of when and how do they learn?

A series of recent episodes of the Inside Higher Ed Podcast explored those and other questions. An episode presented Shanna Smith Jaggars, vice president of the investigation and evaluation of programs at the Office of Academic Success of Students of the State University of Ohio, and Jessica Rowland Williams, director of each student Everywhere, who pursues equitable results in the Higher education through advances in digital learning.

Jaggars describes herself as a "critical friend" of online education; Rowland Williams is a firm defender of the role that high quality virtual learning can play in the improvement of postsecundary access and success for underrepresented students.

more popular < P> Follow an edited transcription of the conversation.

*** years in which we saw many more institutions, professors and students who got involved in it than it had been true before. What else altered your pre-pondemic view of the digital learning panorama?

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Shanna Smith Jaggars: Two things really surprised me. For many years I have been what you could call a critical friend of online education in higher education. I saw many benefits. He also had many concerns. A key concern has always been the possible lack of digital infrastructure and support for students who are less privileged. Before Covid hit in 2019, he knew that 27 percent of American adults had no broadband and that those rates were higher among low -income homes, in rural populations or for people of color. Many people were worried about it, but I don't think they would really have thought about university students in terms of digital equity, because almost all universities, including community universities, have strong internet access on campus. And if you don't have a good desk or laptop, you can use the computer laboratory. And university or minor students, people think of them as digital natives.

I worried before Covid for the students of the Community University, because many of them are of low income or the first in their families to go to university, and many of them travel, so it is They may not have great access to laboratories on campus and wireless.

I really didn't worry about students from universities like mine. But when Covid hit and all classes put online, we immediately began to listen to students who did not have what they needed to learn online. A student in a rural area told us that every time they had to deliver a task, they had to borrow a car and drive half an hour to the parking lot of a free wireless place to load their task.

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