The Chamber Assignments Committee approved a financing plan on June 30 that would increase the financing of the Department of Education by 13 percent for fiscal year 2023.

The bill, the bill, the bill, Approved by the Committee in a vote of 32 to 24 along the party lines, more than $ 3.9 billion for higher education, an increase of $ 968 million since fiscal year 2022 and $ 24.6 billion for federal programs for federal programs would be assigned Student aid, an increase of $ 59 million. Stage to comply with the Biden proposal to expand the maximum pell subsidy at $ 2,175 to $ 8,670. It does so by providing an additional increase of $ 500 to discretionary financing for Pell Grant, the only part of the financing that is controlled by the Assignments Committee. To reach the goal of the President, the Chamber and the Senate, they must increase mandatory financing through legislation to change the Higher Education Law of 1965. (This paragraph has been updated with more explanation). "> More popular




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