• Pamela Buchanan Miller, an interim vice president of academic issues at the University of Mobile, in Alabama, has been promoted to work permanently.
  • Jacqueline Edmondson, Chancellor and Academic Director in Pennsylvania The Campus of the Great Allegheny of the State University, has been elected as president of the University of Southern Maine. Affairs at Massachusetts University in Dartmouth.
  • Moez Limayem, Lynn Pippenger Dean of Muma College of Business at the University of Southern Florida, has been selected as president of the University of Northern Florida.
  • Jennifer L. Mnookin, dean of the Faculty of Law and Ralph and Shirley Shapiro right at the University of California, Los Angeles, has been appointed chancellor of the University of Wisconsin in Madison.
  • > Michele Perkins, preside t of New England College, in New Hampshire, has been appointed chancellor there.
  • Barry Robinson, Executive Dean of Medical Care and Human Services at Seattle Central College, in Washington, has been chosen as Vice President of Instruction at Whatcom Community College, also in Washington.
  • Liz Russell, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Eastern Maine Community College, has been selected as president there.

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    Removing Hurdles for Religious College Athletes

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