Just when Covid cases have decreased and fluid since the spring of 2020, so have the experience of the teacher and the students. Sometimes everything seems manageable, and on other occasions stress or fatigue are established, making teaching and learning a struggle.

"This semester, the persistent trauma and the reaction that has been happening has been really stressful for both the faculty and for students,” said Rachel A. Annunziato, associate dean of strategic initiatives and professor of psychology in psychology in The University of Fordham, while the semester was finishing. From the teacher's perspective, students are still missing and request extensions of the allocation deadline frequently. They think: how much more will continue? Will we ever adapt to a new normality ? in which both students and teachers have new levels of understanding and empathy with each other. College click on the support of Kaplan.

read more D And the survey on students' opinions about the faculty, including ideas about how students and teachers can develop stronger connections, in the student Voice News Hub.

the student's voice explores higher education from the perspective of the perspective of the students, providing unique ideas about their attitudes and opinions. Kaplan provides funds and ideas to support within the coverage of the data of the largest student surveys of College Pulse. Inside Higher Ed maintains editorial Independence and complete discretion on its coverage.

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Image of Statement by U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona on Updated CDC Guidance
Statement by U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona on Updated CDC Guidance

Declaration of the Secretary of Education of the United States Miguel Cardona on the updated guide of the CDC August 11, 2022 Contact: Press Office,

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