Declaration of the Cardona Secretary on the tenth anniversary of Daca June 15, 2022 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576,
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  • The secretary Cardona launched the following statement to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the deferred action For children's arrivals (Daca) Policy:

    "A decade ago, the Obama-Biden administration worked together with dreamy dreamers and experts to establish Daca. Since then, Daca has provided hundreds of thousands of people that grew in the United States, living American lives and dreaming of American dreams, with protection against deportation, access to work permits and education and hope of a brighter future. In the last ten years, the dreamers have Prosperate in our schools, they contributed to our S communities and have built successful careers in education, health. Care, the military and much more. However, the inaction of Congress has gone a cloud of uncertainty and fear about the dreamers, their families and thousands of undocumented youth throughout our nation. Today, I join President Biden by calling Congress to take delayed measures and approve a bipartisan legislation that offers a path to citizens for people who belong to this country, love this country and call this home home. " CLASS = "views-Row Views-Row-1 views-Row-mod views-philas-philas-first views-philas -title"> How do I find ...? Student loans, forgiveness
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