%3CP%3emitch Daniels will resign after 10 years as president of the University of Purdue%2C for an announcement made on Friday. And a successor was appointed on the same day%E2%80%94 without public contributions.%3c%2fp%3e%3cp%3ePurdue did not respond to a media consultation on the internal search process closed%2C that breaks of the Standard in public in public universities when they look for a successor for a president who comes out.%3c%2fp%3e%3cp%3edaniels%2c A former Indian governor from 2005 to 2013%2C joined Purdue in 2013 after his mandate term. Daniels will vacate the president%E2%80%99S Office at the end of the year and will be replaced in January%C2%A01 by Mung Chiang%2C that currently serves as Dean of Engineering and Executive Vice President of Strategic Initiatives.%3c%2fp%3e %3CH2 Class%3d%22Block-Title%22%3Momes Popular%3C%2FH2%3e%3cli Class%3d%22Popular-tom%22%3epeer-Review Crisis Create problems for magazines and scholers%3c%2fli%3e% 3cli class%3d%22popular-tom%22%3eindian Government opens the higher education market%3c%2fli%3e%3cli class%3d%22popular-toem%22%3Debate is not central to university experience%7c Simply visit%3c%2fli%3e%3CP%3elast year of the year Chiang was considered the leader of the presidency of the University of South Carolina before leaving consideration%2c citing responsibilities for their family and Purdue.%3c%2fp% 3E%3Ch3%3ethe Hire%3C%2FH3%3e%3CP%3Once Daniels made his interest in withdrawing clear to the Board%2C An internal search for his successor began%2c according to Shared details shared with local reporters to Friday%E2%80%99S Board of Trustees Meeting%2C where the announcement was made. Other internal candidates were also considered. Chiang said that on Friday%E2%80%99s met that he approached him for the first time on the presidency in April.%3c%2fp%3e%3CP%3chiang was the unanimous election to succeed Daniels%2C according to a statement from Purdue Press in which Board the president of the Trusts, Michael Berghoff, said that Chiang had rejected other offers.%3c%2fp%3e Googetag.cmd.push%28funtion%28%29 Googetag.Dislay%28%22DF-AD- article_in_article%22%29%3b%29%3b%3cp%3e%E2%80%9che have shown not only academic excellence but also administrative insight%2C Construction of effective relationships with academic%2c government%2c and commercial partners%2c and Public Communications Skills%2C%E2%80%9D Berghoff said in the press release announcing hiring. %E2%80%9che brings the whole package of talents and experience necessary to take our university later. It is not surprising that MUNG has been offered the presidency of several other schools%2c and the Board is grateful that its loyalty to Purdue would keep it here and available as this transition moment arrived.%E2%80%9D% 3C%2FP%3E%3CP%3EBEFORE Purdue%2C Chiang spent almost 14 years in several roles at Princeton University. Chiang completed its undergraduate education%2C Master%E2%80%99s Tegre and Ph.D. at Stanford University.%3C%2FP%3E%3CP%3EPurdue made the rent after an internal search.%3C%2FP%3E%3CH2 Class%3D%22 Block-Tite%22%3 Leaded Stories%3C%2FH2 %3e%3cli Class%3d%22First%22%3enebraska-omaha wants better results for undecided students%3c%2fli%3e%3cli%3ea Provost QUITS TO PROTEST PRESUPCKEN CUTS%3C%2FLI%3e%3cli Class%3d%22 %22%3ea 3c Provost stop protesting budget cuts%3c%2fli%3e%3cp%3e%e2%80%9c The Board of Trust is empowered by the statute and statute to detect and select the president of the University of Purdue for any process you consider appropriate. In this case,%2C, it was decided that there were enough internal candidates qualified to occupy the position without an external search. Therefore,%2C, the members of the Board have informally collecting comments and contributions on the candidates of interest%2c and announced their selection on Friday%of June%C2%A010%2C%E2%80%9D Colleen Brady %2c President of Purdue%E2%80%99S University Senate said by email.%3c%2fp%3e%3ch3%3ethe reactions%3c%2fh3%3e%3cp%3eacross Indiana%2C Public officials praised the work Daniels He has done and celebrated the new hiring.%3c 3c. %2FP%3E%3CP%3E%E2%80%9 Covering its 10 years to helm 2c MITCH has delivered higher education to the highest value proven%2c of the frozen enrollment throughout its possession%2c to create a national university online online %2C Establish a network of the Indiana Stem%2C Charter schools and make record investments in world class research%2C%E2%80%9D Indiana governor Eric Holcomb, said in a statement on Friday. % E2% 80% 9che He has always kept Purdue% E2% 80


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