The rector of the University of Piedmont Daniel Silber abruptly resigned on Tuesday in protest of the proposed budget cuts and the layoffs of the Faculty, which the Board of Trustees will vote this week.

in a very critical email to colleagues announcing his departure, Silber wrote that the proposed budget cuts, which would be the second round of this year, were "morally incorrect" and that the budgetary process "does not It could be properly inclusive. " He also argued that notifying the faculty that they were being sent after the end of the academic year did not give them enough time to find a new job for the next semester.

"I refuse to be part of the endings in the endings that are carried out in such an ethical way," Silber wrote, who also served as senior vice president of academic issues. " Now that this draconian measure is being implemented, I have no choice but to leave the institution. " The academics subject (opinion)




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