More than two weeks ago, the University of Seattle Pacific announced a decision of its revenue of the trustee to defend hiring policies that discriminate against people LGBTQ+. The students soon occupied the administration building in protest. Two weeks later, they are still there.

protesters plan to continue their sitting during the summer, depending on local students and students to keep pressure on the university to change the hiring policy. And they point out the support of teachers and staff members, including some administrators.

The Senate of the Faculty has issued a resolution that urges the Board of Trusts to eliminate its discriminatory contracting policy. This resolution was approved with more than 80 percent of the eligible members of the Faculty voting in favor.

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but trusts remain the group more resistant to change, and the only ones who can reverse a policy that led to a vote of non -confidence in 2021 at the Board and the last weeks of protests.

Seattle the University of the Pacific, which is affiliated with the free Methodist Church, argues that "sexual experience is destined between a man and a woman," according to his statement about human sexuality. That means that "employees are expected to refrain from sexual behavior that is inconsistent with the understanding of the University of Biblical Standards, including cohabitation, extramarital sexual activity and same sexual activity of the same sex," according to university policy.

But students, professors and alumni say that the University has progressed over the years; Now welcome LGBTQ+students, and they say it is time for the trustee Board to evolve with them. However, a complication is that changing the SPU policy on LGBTQ+ Hiring would finally end its membership with the free Methodist Church.

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Under the fire from all parties, SPU trusts do not say much about the decision to maintain the controversial contracting policy.

Three Trusts, including the recent president, have left the Board since the vote at the end of May. Two resigned while another came out at the end of his mandate.

"We want the Spu community to know that this was a thorough and prayer deliberation," said former President of the Cedric Davis Board in a statement on the Spu Website. “While this decision brings complex and sincere reactions, the Board made a decision that believed that it was more in line with the mission and declaration of faith of the university and chose that Spu remains in communion with its founding denomination, the Methodist Church Free USA. UU., As a central part of its historical identity as a Christian University. LGBTQ hiring policy

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  • Davis was was was among the trusts that left the board after the recent decision; He did not respond to a request for comments. The Board has not been willing to explain how individual trusts voted, and Spu refused to make members available to comment.

    Kevin Johnson, the member whose term ended last month, reflected on the decision in a LinkedIn post, pointing out that he did not agree with how most of Spu's trusts voted on the problem of hiring.

    “While respecting each member of the Board at the individual level, I do not agree with the decision of the Board to defend the university policies that surround hiring, especially with regard to the members of the LBGTQIA+ community, ”Johnson wrote. "Defending with all my heart and

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